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Posts Tagged ‘Greg Paulus’

It’s Speedo Guy Time Again (Duke/Carolina)

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Remember him? Of course you do because ESPN made sure to remind you. The fact that I’m writing about this cat can only mean one thing — it’s time for another round of the “bestest, most stupendously incredible rivalry in the free world.” That’s right, North Carolina invades the confines of Cameron Indoor Gym Stadium tonight, where I’m sure Speedo Guy, or some derivative thereof, will almost certainly be seen when UNC shoots its free throws.

When you are watching the game tonight, it’s important to remember you are witnessing history. Anytime the “greatest rivalry in the history of the earth, ever” is on television, it’s even more historical than that Obama Inauguration business that went down in Washington D.C. last month. With that in mind, who ya got? I’m thinking Carolina because of their superior interior (Rhyme Master Cee in the house), although, we all know how well the Dukies feed off of their crowd.

Oh, and this: what are the chances Paulus gets teabagged by Danny Green again?

Will Greg Paulus Ever Learn?

As pointed out by myself and Jamie Mottram, Greg Paulus has a tendency to get dunked on. A lot. And during these dunked-on sessions, the Duke guard usually winds up with the privates of the dunking player splayed across his forehead, which is known in these parts as “teabagging.” Unfortunately for Paulus, Duke played Miami this past weekend and lo and behold, he was teabagged again. This time, by Miami’s Dwayne Collins.

While Duke outlasted the Hurricanes for a three-point overtime win, Paulus was yet again inducted into “The Most Likely to Get Dunked On and Teabagged” Hall of Fame. At the rate he’s going, he’ll have his own wing before he graduates.

Weekly Pwnage: Greg Paulus, Meet Danny Green

From the “I doubt you missed this but you need to see it again and again” files, Danny Green put the exclamation mark on North Carolina’s victory over Duke on Saturday, much to the enjoyment of Cameron “Crazies” (is “Crazies” short for not very knowledgeable when it comes to college basketball?).

If Greg keeps this up, he’ll join Reggie Love in the tea bag Hall of Fame.

Player of the Weak: Greg Paulus and Mike Patrick

There isn’t a lot of love for the Duke Blue Devils outside of Cameron Indoor Stadium and after viewing this video posted by Awful Announcing of Paulus’ actions against Florida State last night, it’s easy to see why:

Of course, ESPN’s Mr. ACC, Mike Patrick, comes to the defense of Paulus like it’s his son out there on the floor. Thank goodness Jay Bilas was there to point out the fact that during the first incident, the Florida State player didn’t do anything that warranted Paulus’ flopping around like a fish out of water. The second incident looked like a result of the match-up getting testy as players were wrestling around for a loose ball.

Naturally, while Patrick is trying to point out the ills of Ryan Reid (“He threw a punch!!!” No Mike, he did not.), Mr Paulus looks like he’s trying to kick another Florida State player. You stay classy, Greg. It kinda sucks being an instigator and getting roughed up as a result, doesn’t it?

Much to Patrick’s delight, Duke wound up beating the Seminoles, 70-57. Mr Irrelevant has more on this very subject.