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Posts Tagged ‘Green Jacket’

The Tradition. The Masters. The Green Jacket.

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I’m not sure what day it was when I became my dad. One thing is for certain, it was probably when I started to enjoy watching golf on television. I don’t believe I am alone when I say that I grew up in a household with a father who never played golf but who inexplicably always watched it on television. The Masters.  Back in those days, there were about 5 channels you could actually watch.

As a child, I remember sitting there wondering how my father could possibly be enjoying The Masters or any other PGA golf tournament.  He was sleeping on the sofa! I could see why he enjoyed it. It was the 1970s equivalent of washing down a few Ambien with a bottle of Nyquil. Today, I enjoy watching golf while my children sit in wonderment about why I am a viewer. At least I speak to them about the game, The Masters, and just how difficult the game of golf is. I’m not sleeping.

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Boob Grab > Angel Carbrera’s Masters Win

Angel Cabrera

Angel Cabrera won the elusive green jacket yesterday, beating Kenny Perry and Chad Campbell in a sudden death playoff to secure his Masters victory. Yes, Kenny Perry’s faltering on the 17th and 18th holes played a large part in Cabrera’s second major title, but give credit the first Argentine to win Augusta National’s prestigious tournament. Unfortunately for Cabrera, most of the press is focusing on the aforementioned Perry, as well as the Tiger Woods/Phil Mickelson pairing.

Something else is helping steal Cabrera’s post Masters victory thunder as well: boobs. An excited spectator decided he’d share his zeal for PGA golf by grabbing the boob of the woman next to him. Fortunately for the grabber, the woman didn’t take too much offense; otherwise, said boob-grabber might be picking his head up off the ground.

That, my friends, will be what the sports blogosphere remembers most about the 2009 Masters. Angel Cabrera winning is way down on the list, behind folks like Perry, Woods and Mickelson.

And boobs.

Apparently, winning the green jacket only resonates if your first name is “Phil” or “Eldrick.”

Trevor Immelman Tells Tiger To Back The Hell Up…

Trevor Immelman

…”This is my Green Jacket, sucka.” Or something like that.

That’s right, someone not named Tiger Woods won The Masters yesterday, a South African named Trevor Immelman held off a fairly ineffective Woods to win his first PGA Major. Up until yesterday, Immelman was the definition of consistency after shooting in the 60s the first three days of the tournament.

On Sunday, he was 3-over but by then — and with Tiger or anyone else not being able to mount much of a charge — Immelman strolled to victory; winning The Masters by 3-strokes. Of course, most of the focus was on the person who finished behind him and why he wasn’t able to make a charge (his putting utterly failed him) and is this is a sign of a new challenger to Tiger’s kingdom (perhaps)? While all that makes for good conversation, let’s not belittle Immelman’s accomplishment:

Three days of shooting in the 60s when the course was playing a little tougher than tournaments past provided him with enough cushion where Sunday’s 3-over didn’t become a huge factor. There was no Van De Velde-ian moments for Immelman (even though I was calling for it), and for that, he should be congratulated.


Cinderella Story at Augsta National

As we speak, there’s a developing story at the Masters we should all be keeping an eye on. A Cinderella has emerged from the pack. Now, you probably know where I’m going with this, but in honor of The Masters, it would be almost criminal not to include this gem of our Cinderella boy: