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Posts Tagged ‘Great Goals’

And Jozy Altidore Shall Lead Them

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Yes, I’m well aware CONCACAF soccer doesn’t necessarily match up with Europe and South America’s real football World Cup qualifying leagues, but as long as the United States continues to be the dominant team in their qualifying play group, they will continue to play in the World Cup. Winning it — or even surviving the initial group play — is another story. However, you can’t knock a team for winning, regardless of what competition level. With that in mind, all credit goes to the US Men’s team for beating Trinidad and Tobago, 3 goals to 0. The goal differential was provided solely by wunderkind striker Jozy Altidore, who tallied the US’ first hat trick since Eddie Johnson did it in 2004.

The 19-year old Altidore has six goals in nine international appearances, certainly making him the striker of the future for US Soccer, if not the present. Too bad we don’t get to find out how effective Altidore will be until next summer. Don’t you just love the four-year wait between these things?

Welcome to the Goal Scorers Club, Freddy

Sorry for all the videos today, but I just had to share this.

The soccer wunderkind known as Freddy Adu netted his first goal for the US Men’s National Team last night in route to a 2-0 win over Guatemala off of a nifty little set play. Adu has played sporadically for the “varsity” team, but as long as he continues to perform like last night, expect “sporadic” to become “long-term fixture.”

Furthermore, if that’s the kind of free-kicks we can expect from Adu, he’ll be around the US Team for a long time. He hasn’t even turned 20 yet, so again, I think it’s safe to say Adu will have many more opportunities to bend the ball like he did last night.

Sneak Attack Goal Scoring

I saw the inspiration for this post over at Digg and it’s freaking awesome. Lion in Oil gets on the goal-scoring fun as well. What we have is one of the sneakiest goals ever scored. No description, just watch:

The goal scorer must be given a great deal of props for his ninja-like skills. The great thing about this video being on YouTube are the related selections because it allows me to see some crazy goals I may not have seen otherwise. It’s not like Sports Center is in the habit of bringing us soccer highlights, unless it’s from one of the bigger venues they happen to be broadcasting.

More wild goals after the jump >>

Playing Goalie Is Hard…

…In any sport so why make it harder on yourself by dribbling the ball when you have suspect ball-handling skills? I mean, what the worst that can happen, right? Besides getting a goal scored on you, one that wouldn’t have happened if the ball was correctly cleared out.

Now I know goalies can’t pick up the ball on back pass, but still, you have to do better than that. Clear the ball. Just boot the damn thing out of bounds, even if it does result in a corner kick for the opposition. Anything would be better than that display of skill the unfortunate goalie just provided. On YouTube, they are calling this video “The Most Stupid Goalkeeper Ever in the World“…

It can’t say I disagree.