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Posts Tagged ‘GoDaddy Commercials’

Anna Rawson’s GoDaddy Commercial

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With a big H/t to SportsByBrooks, I’m happy to bring you Anna Rawson’s first GoDaddy commercial. We’re big fans of Miss Rawson around here — much like every other sports blog on the planet — so we love it when she brings us new content.

Granted, it could be her simply watching paint dry and we’d run the video.

More on GoDaddy’s girls after the jump >>

Danica Patrick Gets Nekkid For GoDaddy

As the sports blogosphere comes to the end of the Super Bowl posting extravaganza — us included — what better way celebrate the end of another NFL season than enjoying the partial nudity of Danica Patrick from GoDaddy’s “banned” Super Bowl commercial?

The quotations represent my disbelief GoDaddy submitted their commercials for consideration. Nevertheless, continuing the trend so wonderfully started by the smoking hot Candice Michelle (NSFWish), Danica Patrick pitches GoDaddy with some fairly tame use of a shower — and some computer geeks. Fortunately, the whole thing is semi-saved by the appearance of a wet Danica Patrick and a white bath towel. Obviously, Patrick is balancing that whole “role model for girls” quite nicely.

Empowerment to the people, especially all of the young ladies who are told they need role models to succeed.