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Posts Tagged ‘God-like’

Usain Bolt Makes Me Shake My Head in Wonder

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Imagine what it would be like to run a best-in-the-world-for-2010 time in the 100-meter dash when you have a sore hamstring. It sounds fairly impossible, but then again, we are not Usain Bolt, and well, he is. Oh, and he just accomplished such a feat in Lausanne, Switzerland by posting a 2010-best 9.82 in the 100-meters.

Just in case you didn’t quite get the significance, I’ll repeat it: Usain Bolt just ran a sub-10 second 100-meter on a bad hamstring.

Think about that for a second. Bolt makes a feat that’s faster than all but four 100-meter world records look like a leisurely jog in the park.

While everyone in the free world is riding the nuts of LeBron James, perhaps we should take a moment to recognize the best athlete in the world — one that holds the world hostage with his jaw-dropping athletic performances, and not his decision-making exercises; although, I seem to remember a time when LeBron wowed us too, but that seems like 20 years ago.

Usain Bolt: Still Fast

It must be nice to show up in Korea and run a sub-9.9 100-meter dash without really trying — 9.86 to be exact. Sure, Bolt used some exertion, but it also looked like he was enjoying a brisk jog, especially once he broke away from the pack. If evidence comes out that Bolt is either an alien with a slightly different, but similar physique — one that allows him more leg-generated speed — or he’s from a future where the art of sprinting has been perfected and he simply came back in time to further dominate, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.