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Giovanni Van Bronckhorst

Yet another entry into the “best goal of the World Cup” competition, and while there’s no real consensus on the best of the bunch — Tevez’ goal, Siphiwe Tshabalala’s opening rocket of the tournament, the Suarez and Maicon goals; all are worthy of recognition — Giovanni Van Bronckhorst’s should be right up at the top. Thing is, it wasn’t just an awesome shot from a good player either. There was some significance attached to it.

First, the goal:


Now for the significance:

Van Bronckhorst will retire from professional football after Sunday’s final in Johannesburg, after playing a massive part in getting the Dutch side there.

The 35-year-old not only smashed in what was arguably the best goal of his career to give Holland the lead but also headed a shot off the line to deny Uruguay.

Not only did the goal broke the ice in the game, while providing the Dutch with the winning margin, it’s also a goal that has a great deal of emotional and professional significance as well. All things considered — the skill involved and what the goal meant on a personal level — it’s hard to argue it’s position when it comes to being one of the best goals of the 2010 World Cup.