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Posts Tagged ‘Georgia Bulldogs’

Travis Leslie’s Dunk of the Year

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And with that, all I can say is, “Welcome to SEC Basketball, DeMarcus Cousins. It won’t be as easy as you think.” Travis Leslie’s dunk was so vicious, it left a crowd of about 24,000 in stunned silence. Well, except for all the “oohing and ahhing” going on on. I mean, what else can you say if you’re a Kentucky fan? We’ll get you next time? Perhaps “sign my poster, please, Mr Leslie” is more appropriate. Granted, the Wildcats scraped by the Bulldogs, but it wasn’t easy. In fact, Team John Wall trailed at halftime and only had a two-point lead with less than a minute left in the game.

To say the Bulldogs, who already have wins against Georgia Tech and Illinois, are better than expected — they were picked last in the SEC East — is a little bit of understatement. Just ask DeMarcus Cousins what he thinks of the Dawgs, especially the one who goes by “Travis Leslie.” While they didn’t pull the upset off, it wasn’t for a lack of effort, especially for Leslie.

Besides his eye-popping dunk, Leslie led the Bulldogs with 20 points as they fell just short of shocking Kentucky and the rest of the college basketball world.

Sad Face Friday: Uga VII Passes Away


It’s been a sad day for the Georgia Bulldogs and their fans as news about the passing of their mascot, Uga VII, got out. The seventh generation bulldog was only four years old when he died yesterday morning. Obviously, the news of the Uga’s untimely passing comes as a shock to Georgia fans, who will go through the rest of their football season without that familiar face on the sidelines. When the Bulldogs line up to play Kentucky on Saturday, there will be no replacement for the beloved Uga, who will have a wreath placed on his doghouse.

Not only was Uga just an awesome mascot, on occasion, he gave opponents a little more to think about.

Damn right, that dawg bites.

Uga VII’s successor will be chosen next season, although, the Georgia Sports Blog indicates a interim dog will be used for the games against rival Georgia Tech and for the Bulldogs’ bowl game. The Uga generation has been a mainstay with the Bulldogs for over 50 years:

The Uga line of bulldogs, all owned by [the Seiler family], has roamed the sidelines at UGA football games and other athletic events for more than half a century, since 1956.

From UGA football coach Mark Richt on down, members of the Bulldog Nation mourned the dog’s death.

“I was very shocked and sad to hear about Uga VII,” Richt said. “I got a chance to talk to Sonny today actually and hear a little bit about it. You never think something like that could happen that quickly, but it certainly did. We’re sad we won’t have him on the sideline.”

A sad day, indeed.

No Whining About SEC Officiating

SEC Officials

In what feels like a preemptive strike aimed at Mark Richt and the Georgia Bulldogs (and Lane Kiffin, of course), SEC Commissioner Mike Slive informed the AP that any coaches who complain about the quality of SEC referees would face a fine and possible suspension. No longer will Slive admonish his coaches for complaints — even if they are legitimate apparently.

It’s straight punishment for those who bitch.

Is this a preemptive strike for the The World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party Georgia/Florida game? Considering how both teams have either benefited or been hurt by some horrible calls, I think the answer is pretty clear. If you complain, Slive will bring the fine/suspension hammer down on your head.

“We fully expect and anticipate that we will have the full cooperation of our coaches from this day forward,” he said.

Perhaps if Slive was as committed to quality officiating as he was keeping his coaches in line and quiet, there wouldn’t be any complaining. I mean, why on earth would Mark Richt be mad at this:

That’s a perfectly reasonable way to decide a football game, no?

SEC Officials Save Face. Again.

SEC Refs

For the second week in a row, the brains who run the most popular college football conference in America are having to apologize for refereeing ineptitude that once again influenced the outcome of the highly contested Florida/Arkansas game. SEC officials have apologized to Arkansas, saying the personal foul call on Malcolm Sheppard was incorrect and no additional yards should have been awarded. First, here’s the play in question:

After the jump >>

No Handshaking in Stillwater

Heh, this was a brilliant offering from LSUFreek. Anyway, displaying an creepy level of foresight, officials for each school have decided to avoid the American Football Coaches Association-desired pregame handshake between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Oklahoma State Cowboys for fear it might escalate into something LaGarrette Blount would be proud of. While the decision came before Blount jacked Byron Hout, because of the Oregon/Boise State ugliness, this feels like the prudent choice. In fact, before the consensus to avoid it was reached, Cowboys coach, and man’s man, Mike Gundy had expressed concern such a meeting would end poorly.

Again, it should be noted the decision was reached before the games began last night, but one can’t help but think Blount’s post game activities reinforced the belief the correct decision has been made. Of course, one might argue this is a time we need to see good sportsmanship the most, especially after the idea was stained in such dramatic fashion in Idaho.

However, the idea of simply avoiding potential trouble — goodness knows neither coach would want to contribute to what Blount helped sully — is probably a wise one.

Tim Floyd is Staying at USC

Tim Floyd

Apparently, the lack of door love has negative effects. Just ask the University of Arizona, who saw their head coaching job offer get turned down by Tim Floyd. Maybe next time, Arizona’s athletic department will allow their back door to be featured while they are entertaining their next coaching prospect.

In other coaching news, Bruce Pearl turned down Memphis’ offer in order to stay in Knoxville — if there ever was one to begin with; although, Pearl just signed a six-year extension to stay in Tennessee — and the University of Georgia finally found their replacement for George Felton in Mark Fox.

Apparently, finding a coaching replacement, even for high-profile jobs like Arizona, is harder than ever. Memphis, meanwhile, is absolutely floundering since John Calipari’s announcement to take the Kentucky job. Rumors of transfers and de-commits now plague a team that was on the cusp of an extended flirtation with college basketball greatness. Now it’s back to the drawing board for program that’s still looking for a new head coach.

Air Knowshon To the NFL (Stafford, Too)

Knowshon Moreno

The SEC is losing two of it’s bigger, non-Tim Tebow football stars to the NFL: Knowshon Moreno and Matthew Stafford have declared their intentions to enter the 2009 NFL Draft instead of coming back to Athens for the 2009 season. The news didn’t exactly comes as a surprise considering each player is expected to be taken in the first round.

More on UGA’s attrition after the jump >>

Poll: Early BCS Talk

Call Knowshon

The BCS standings have been out for a couple of weeks now and after all this weekend’s fun — What’s worse? Watching Penn State beat your Buckeyes or passing a kidney stone? This guy knows. — the picture is taking shape. Of course, said picture could be rendered useless with all the football left to play, but as long as we don’t have a playoff of any kind, BCS chatter will have to do.

So who’s it going to be in the BCS Championship Game? Texas and Alabama? Penn State and Texas? Penn State and USC? Georgia and Oklahoma? How about Florida and Texas Tech? Bama and Penn State? Any of these games could happen, depending on the SEC and Big 12 championship games. Which game would be the most appealing? Texas/USC? What about Florida/Penn State?

Of this group, Texas Tech has the toughest schedule (Texas, Oklahoma State and OU in the next three games). Then there are the conference championship games (Georgia/Bama rematch, anyone?) and who knows how those will impact the BCS; something that should clear up even more after this weekend. Until then, we have a little impromptu poll featuring some of the potential championship games.

You can also add your own if these aren’t sufficient.