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It’s the First Saturday In May in Kentucky. What could be afoot? Horses? Roses? Bourbon? Hats? Legal Gambling? General disarray? Professor Chaos? Derby Pie? Yeah, something like that. My question is, can we get a repeat performance? Something like what Big Brown provided last year? You know, where the favorite dominates the field, except for a courageous filly? Can I Want Revenge live up last year’s favorite’s performance or will a great story like General Quarters warm America’s heart? I Want Revenge has been impressive in the qualifying racing, so it wouldn’t be surprising, but this is horse racing and these are million dollar animals — anything can happen.

It’s the Kentucky Derby, folks, otherwise known as the only time the rest of the world cares about the Bluegrass State and the sport of horses. Regardless of the cynicism, the Derby is still a massive deal — or party, depending on your point of view.

Speaking of which, rumor has it that Billy Gillispie is going at the Derby Infield. That should make for some entertaining pictures.