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Switzerland Fans

Thanks to a scrambling, surprising goal from Gelson Fernandes, the Switzerland World Cup team shocked, well, the world by beating highly-favored Spain. The Swiss team was powered by a definitive defensive performance; one that allowed the talented Spaniards a huge advantage in terms of possession (63-37 percent) but limited their quality shots on goal. While Spain certainly threatened — they out-shot the Swiss 24-8 — Switzerland took better advantage of their (lone?) scoring chance, which came courtesy of a nifty counter-attack.

The loss was only Spain’s second in their last 50 games, emphasizing just how much of a shock Switzerland provided.

Another good gauge would be the respective FIFA rankings of each team. For what that’s worth, Spain is rated second only to Brazil, while Switzerland is ranked 24th. Yet another indicator is fan reaction. The next image speaks more volumes than mere words can:

So while this may not be on par with “The Miracle on Ice,” it’s still significant; if, for nothing else, the amount of pressure the loss places on Spain, one of the favorites to win the World Cup outright. While advancement is not out of the question, they will have to win their remaining games to ensure their position in the knock-out rounds.

After the jump, video of Fernandes’ goal >>