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Posts Tagged ‘Gatorade’

The Search For G is Scary (Usain Bolt)

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That commercial was all over the NBA’s All Star Weekend fun and despite everything going on in the video — KG, The JabbaWockeez, Monty Python homages — the main thing that stands out to me is Usain Bolt’s head, dancing on a pair of feet. And nothing more. No body, no neck. Nothing. Just Bolt’s head and his megawatt smile. Dancing. Connected to feet. It’s both hypnotic and scary at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, Usain deserves all the endorsement money he can finagle because it’s not like Track and Field has NBA-like funds pouring in.

But really, is scaring the hell out of any children watching the dunk contest the best way to promote a new — and unnecessary — branding venture? “What’s ‘G’?” It’s Usain Bolt’s bigger-than-life head dancing across your screen on a golden pair of shoes, evidently.

The Doc Rivers Gatorade Bath Was Great For Charity

Doc Rivers Gatorade Bath

So what happens to the clothes of the newly-minted World Championship coach after they’ve been doused in the NBA’s first-ever Gatorade dunk? Does he dry clean them or just dispose of them? Why on earth would he do that when there are so many people out there who want to get there hands on anything that resembles a collectible?

That being the case, Doc Rivers donated his suit and the Celtics donated the cooler used by Paul Pierce to dunk his coach with to charity. These items generated $55,000 for the Celtics Shamrock Foundation.

Not only that, but during the auction, Bill Parcels — the first coach to ever receive a Gatorade bath — decided to join the fun and support the charitable cause. Here’s the clip of Parcells calling to place his bid, courtesy of Alex Jeffrey.

As indicated, the Gatorade-soaked suit raised $55,000. The winning bid was $35,000 with Gatorade and another Celtics fan chipping in $10,000 each.

Gatorade Baths In The NBA?

Gatorade Doc

I approve of this and I’m glad someone finally brought it to the NBA. Although, I will say, if there are going to imitators, please wait until you win an NBA Championship. That needs to be an official NBA rule, in fact.

Aren’t sports championship fun?