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Posts Tagged ‘game’

Football, Hair, and Girly Men – One Chick’s Perspective

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I’m all for endorsement deals and making the bucks while you can in the NFL, but as a girl who enjoys football, I think this whole hair craziness has gotten a bit out of hand. The Clay Matthews/Troy Polamalu matchup would be so great… if it wasn’t for the fact that I have to hear about their hair as often as I do their defensive stats.

As a chick, it’s just plain wrong for a guy to have better hair than you. Am I slightly envious that Clay Matthews just got a deal with Suave?

Yes. In fact, more than slightly, because my hair is much better than his. It has body and bounce. His is stringy and straight and were it not for the fact that he whips it around like a lasso seventeen times per game, he wouldn’t have a hair deal. Besides that, unlike Maria Menounos, I have no desire to touch it. I think Matthews is just too darn proud of his hair. He whips it around

and around

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3 Things That Would Bring More Viewers Than the Pro Bowl

The Pro Bowl is on this weekend….. (chirping)……

Exactly. Who cares?

Despite nearly every person I talk to saying that they do not care about the Pro Bowl, the NFL said “12.3 million viewers” tuned in to watch. In fact, it was the most-watched Pro Bowl in ten years.

I can’t believe it. Were people watching the entire game? Was there really nothing else on? No Top Chef? No Murder, She Wrote?

Personally, I don’t really watch the Pro Bowl. Not watch it, like a regular game, type thing. I might tune in to see a play, shrug, and turn it off. I think the Pro Bowl is important as far as the popularity contest aspect. It’s nice to get riled up when a favorite player doesn’t make it in. It’s good recognition for those that do. But watch the actual game? No way. In fact, here are three things I think would gather more viewers than the Pro Bowl game.

The NFL Has Talent anyone? >>