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Posts Tagged ‘Futbol’

Goal Posts Are Hazardous To Your Face

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I’ve acquired a number of injuries playing the beautiful game (although, I don’t play it that beautifully). I’ve blown my knee out and it looks like I might have torn my rotator cuff as well. I’ve even scored an on-goal; not be a physical injury to be sure but the psychological effects are pretty painful.

However, I’ve never run into a goal post. Not even in jest.

When this first popped up, I thought the goalie might be the who one faceplants but man, I was wrong. Oh well, at least someone finished the goal off for him. Maybe that’ll ease some of his facial pain. Doubtful, but maybe.

Soccer Commercials Rule

If the beautiful game is supposed to be so freaking boring (something I wholeheartedly disagree with), why does it allow the best damn sports commercials around? 2008 is only 5 months old and we’ve already had this one and now we have two more to add to the ever-growing pile of awesomeness.

This first one was evidently directed by Guy Ritchie and it shows the game from the 1st-person perspective.

I’m particularly fond of the vomiting scene. It reminds me of when I play. Or at least, after I sub out.

This next one is features just about everybody from the Nike Soccer stable and it encourages players to improve their game, no matter what their deficiency is. If you can only shoot right-footed, work on your left and so on. Good stuff.

Hat-tips are certainly in order as well. Thanks to the The Beautiful Game and 101 Great Goals for finding and posting these gems — which I’d like to see more of, as opposed to the Nike Sparq stuff — because, you know, I’ve got strong all day.