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Posts Tagged ‘Freak’

Keion Bell Is Freaking Freak

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Keion Bell

More midnight madness fun, but this time, I think we have a winner — at least for best display of dunking. Just ask Keion Bell and the Pepperdine crowd who were lucky enough to witness Bell’s freakshow-like display of jumping ability. How freaky was Bell? Freaky enough to jump over SEVEN people and still dunk it:

Did someone say “freak?”

I imagine we’ll be seeing a few highlights of Bell on SportsCenter in the coming months. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be lucky enough and Bell will dunk it by jumping over somebody in a game. As it stands, my money’s on Bell to produce the Dunk of the Year when the season starts in a month or so.

Usain Bolt’s Ungodly Anchor Leg

Usain Bolt

It’s already been established that Usain Bolt is a freak, but what he did at the Penn Relays this past weekend may just graduate him from the “freak” moniker and move him to the “best athlete, maybe ever” category. Hyperbole? Maybe so, but then again, it’s not often I get to react to an 8.79 split time in a 4×100 relay, either. While some are wondering what the World’s Fastest Man was doing at the Penn Relays, his performance while he was there was otherworldly. Bolt was so good, he upstaged the fact there were Catholic school girls running around in track and field gear.

Now, before someone calls Chris Hansen on me, all I meant by that was, when Bolt shows up to race, everything else involved takes a back seat to the Jamaican speed demon.

After the jump, video of Bolt’s incredible anchor leg >>