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Posts Tagged ‘Fourth of July’

Back From Kentucky

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Kentucky Wiskey

And, after a nice bit of escapism to the fine state of Kentucky — one of the only places in the world where you can find that libation called “WISKEY,” which I’m sure is an inbred cousin of the state’s more famous beverage, Bourbon. I, apparently, missed quite a bit during my excursion to see John Calipari’s house. I’m not going to start on the Air McNair business, because I think plenty has already been said — too much, in some cases. But because ours is a business of speculation and guessing, a lot of blogs — even the more popular ones — aren’t above making speculative statements that have no supporting information.

Perhaps I’m too old to join in the National Enquirer approach to unfortunate sports events. Instead, I’d rather remember McNair for being such a warrior.

And then there’s Andy Roddick. What can you say about that fifth set? Incredible? Heartbreaking? Would’ve beaten any other player in the world except Federer? Sounds about accurate to me. But hey, while some are trying to equate last Sunday’s epic loss as perhaps one of the worst a competitor can make, at least there’s the Brooklyn Decker consolation prize.

Anyway, I’m back, meaning IF is back as well. I hope you all had a brilliant Fourth of July holiday, with lots of Kentucky Wiskey to enjoy.

Vacation Time!!!

The Fourth of July weekend is approaching and I’ll be out of the loop until next week. I’ll be traveling back to Lexington to see friends and family, enjoy some fireworks and eat until I pop. I hope all of you have a safe a Independence Day — Go, Andy Roddick — and please, don’t blow yourselves up like that factory in the lead video.

Thanks for your continued support of IntentionalFoul.

Too Bad Roddick/Murray Isn’t on Saturday

Revolutionary War

Andy Roddick survived a marathon match against Lleyton Hewitt to advance to the semi-finals of Wimbledon. Roddick’s win was powered by 43 aces and sets up a just-in-time-for-Independence-Day match against “British” hopeful, Andy Murray. Only this time, it’s the United States that’s doing the invading. I know, I know, Andy Murray is technically Scottish, but considering Scotland is still under the Queen of England’s rule, we’ll go ahead and force the Battle of Independence Day Eve storyline a little. Normally, I try not to act like a dumb American, but for some reason, my devilish side would absolutely love it if, after beating Murray, Roddick jumped up on the referee’s chair and screamed, “No taxation without representation, bitches!!!”

Of course, he’d probably be banned from ever coming back to not just Wimbledon, but the entire British Isles themselves.

Slow Posting Ahead

Gone Fishing

Yes, it’s that time of year. The time when the sporting world slows down to catch its breath and let baseball do its thing. While I’m not the most avid of baseball fans, I do appreciate the sport, especially AFTER the All-Star Game. Anyway, after today, I’ll be gone until next Monday — although, a live-blog of the hot-dog eating contest may be in order — so I can enjoy the independence given to me by our founding fathers.

After all that’s done, it’s back to the grind but the posting will probably remain fairly slow as we (the Ticket Solutions crew) preps the site for the upcoming football seasons. Anyway, enjoy the Fourth of July festivities, be safe, and make sure you don’t blow yourself up — or any toilets either:

Like I said, be safe.