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Posts Tagged ‘Football Tailgating’

Don’t You Ever Change, LSU Fans

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Here’s some more fuel for our “LSU Fans are Awesome” meme, courtesy of a Tiger fan who decided a good buzz wasn’t quite enough at what I’m assuming was the tailgate party for the UL-Lafayette game this past Saturday. The reason I think it was LSU’s most recent game is because the video was uploaded yesterday. Anyway, instead of settling on getting tipsy (erbody in the club), the Tiger fan in question decided he’d power directly past “tipsy” into the land of full-on “shit-faced-ness.”

The results are full of win, provided you don’t know or aren’t related to our tailgating victim. I’m betting that if you walked up to Mr Passed Out to, he wouldn’t be able to tell you the final score, or even if he made inside Tiger Stadium unscathed.

I do, however, enjoy his female companion’s approach to his passed out plight: This is the perfect situation to capture for Facebook!!!

H/t to SbB for the find.

South Florida Fans Scare KU Fans

South Florida Fans

Welcome to big time college football, KU fans. This is a sport known for rowdy atmospheres where home fans don’t take kindly to visiting teams. Now that the Jayhawks are fielding a team worth following on away trips, KU fans are finding these away school visits can be an eye-opening, insulting experience.

Especially when you get beat.

Take Pat Porzelt for instance. Porzelt is a KU grad and a proud follower of his team; however, his trip to South Florida was one he’d rather forget:

“I was walking through the parking lot, and a guy got in my face and started calling me names that I have never been called in my entire life,” Porzelt said. “And that was before the game even started. It was pretty bad. I can’t even tell you some of the things people said because they aren’t printable.”

While I suppose one could be surprised by this behavior, although, I would suggest such a person hasn’t watched one second of ESPN’s pregame College GameDay offering. One glance at the signs that show up behind Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit should tell these environments are not for the meek.

KU fans are uncomfortable on the road after the jump >>