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Posts Tagged ‘Florida State Seminoles’

Graig Cooper Has Multiple Dimensions

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After last night’s great Florida State/Miami game, lots of folks are focusing on Jacory Harris — rightfully so — or the glitter girls or “edgy” t-shirts designed to make douchebags look even more douchey piss opposing fans off. But, for my money, the story was Graig Cooper and the hand he played in Miami’s last three scores. First, there was the nifty 63-yard kick off return that put the Canes in a position to at least kick a field goal (they did). Cooper followed that up by scoring Miami’s last two touchdowns, securing one of the harder-fought wins of the opening college football weekend.

Highlights of Cooper’s big night after the jump >>

Can’t the Florida Schools Just Get Along?

Ah, college rivalries. According to some media outlets, the best rivalry in sports is driven by a passion that comes from attending an extended education institution of choice — not to mention, a strong dislike for an opposing school in the region. Such is the case with Florida and Florida State fans. The two entities don’t like each other much, and sometimes, as this awesome find by Busted Coverage shows us, these animosities can come to head.

Even during Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans.

What the above video shows is a Florida fan who tries to show out with a group of Florida State fans, one of whom takes exception to the Gator fan’s advances. After that, we’re playing the feud — and unlike the football field, Florida State actually bests the University of Florida’s offering, complete with a bloody face and all. Good times.

I’m wondering if the argument started over Tim Tebow versus well, um, no Florida State quarterback past few seasons has really mattered, but the point remains, or if the scrape up was over a Mardi Gras bead exchange gone bad?

Thank God It’s Saturday – Week 4

Bama versus Arkansas
Do you know what tomorrow is? Of course, it’s Saturday, but for college football, it’s so much more. There are a ton of big games worth watching this weekend so let’s get started.

CFB overload after the jump. More college hotties too >>

Bobby Bowden Isn’t Done

Bobby Bowden
I ain’t… goin’ nowhere. I can’t be stopped… Cause it’s Seminoles for life…

And with that, we now know the immediate plans for Florida State Seminoles godfather head coach Bobby Bowden. He — to quote Puff-Diddy-Daddy — ain’t goin’ nowhere. Not for the time being anyway.

In fact, the all-time leader in Division I coaching victories (373) indicated he would stay the course at Tallahassee until his Seminoles return to the top of the ACC.

“I’m still the head football coach,” he said Monday at ACC media day. “But I know we’ve got to win more than we’re winning now. I’m not interested in getting out, though. I plan on getting this thing back to where it ought to be, and go on from there. Time will tell.”

The Seminoles are coming off a pair of 7-6 seasons. And Bowden is aware that another mediocre season won’t do in Tallahassee, where there have been rumblings in the past few years that perhaps it’s time for him to step aside.

“We had better be heading in the right direction … 7-6 ain’t gonna do it,” Bowden said. “My goal is to get back to the top, but if we get there, we’re not going to stay there. There’s too many good teams in this conference.”

When you look at Florida State’s roster, you see a bunch of three, four and five-star recruits, meaning the talent is indeed present. Furthering this point is the fact FSU had the ninth-ranked recruiting class this past spring. However, it’s been the quarterback play that’s hamstrung FSU these past few seasons. In fact, since the days of Chris Weinke and Charlie Ward have passed, Florida State’s quarterbacking unit has been, well, lacking as names like Chris Rix and Wyatt Sexton come to mind.

In order to move his team past the back-to-back 7-6 finishes, Bowden needs FSU’s quarterback position to be good again. Until that time, he’ll continue to have a talented roster that lacks the necessary component(s) to get back to the top of the BCS.

Player of the Weak: Greg Paulus and Mike Patrick

There isn’t a lot of love for the Duke Blue Devils outside of Cameron Indoor Stadium and after viewing this video posted by Awful Announcing of Paulus’ actions against Florida State last night, it’s easy to see why:

Of course, ESPN’s Mr. ACC, Mike Patrick, comes to the defense of Paulus like it’s his son out there on the floor. Thank goodness Jay Bilas was there to point out the fact that during the first incident, the Florida State player didn’t do anything that warranted Paulus’ flopping around like a fish out of water. The second incident looked like a result of the match-up getting testy as players were wrestling around for a loose ball.

Naturally, while Patrick is trying to point out the ills of Ryan Reid (“He threw a punch!!!” No Mike, he did not.), Mr Paulus looks like he’s trying to kick another Florida State player. You stay classy, Greg. It kinda sucks being an instigator and getting roughed up as a result, doesn’t it?

Much to Patrick’s delight, Duke wound up beating the Seminoles, 70-57. Mr Irrelevant has more on this very subject.