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Posts Tagged ‘Florida Panthers’

That’s One Way To Support Your Team

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I did not know hot female hockey fans got down like this. Perhaps I need to find an NHL team of my own to root for. Unfortunately, I live in Kansas City. The closest team to me is the St Louis Blues, and I’m afraid I haven’t seen any videos like the one below (NSFW) coming out of the Blues fanbase. If there are, please share.


I’m also curious to know if Miss Topless Panthers Fan was allowed to stay in the arena after her display? Not that I would have a problem with said display, but if there were any parents around, they probably had a conniption. From what I’m seeing, a conniption fit would be worth the price of admission.

H/t to Barstool Sports for the find.

Richard Zednik is Just Alright

I don’t do a lot of hockey posts here at IF. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the sport. I do. It’s not in my primary rotation, but I’m certainly a fan of postseason hockey and I would like to see the NHL get a better television deal. One of the few posts I did covering the NHL last season was about Richard Zednik and his horrible throat-slashing accident. As you well know, Zednik survived his ordeal and has continued his hockey career and last night, he did a great job reminding everybody he can still play a sport that almost took his life by scoring a “Play of the Year” worthy goal against the New York Islanders.

If you don’t believe me, take it from someone who watches more hockey in a week than I do an entire season.

Richard Zednik Leaving ICU

Sunday’s horrific skating accident that saw Florida Panthers’ Richard Zednik have his carotid artery accidentally slashed by teammate Olli Jokinen looks like it will have a much happier ending than how it looked initially. According to numerous reports, Zednik’s condition has been upgraded to “good” and he’s going to be released from the intensive care unit.

This is incredibly good news, of course, considering just how dire the situation began. ESPN reports Zednik had lost almost a half gallon of blood and that his artery was essentially hanging together by a thread. Fortunately, the skate slash missed his jugular by mere centimeters.

If you’d like to send any well-wishes to Zednik and his family, you can do so here.

Hat-tip to SbB.

Richard Zednik’s Neck Injury

When you maneuver around a playing field on miniature katanas, there is an inherent risk of getting cut by the very blades that propel you. Such was the case with Florida Panthers forward Richard Zednik during last night’s game against the Buffalo Sabres. In the third period, Zednik was caught in the neck by the skate of teammate Olli Jokinen, when Jokinen was up-ended behind the Sabres’ goal.

As he was being knocked over, Jokinen’s right leg went parallel to the ground and his skate hit Zednik in the throat, slashing it open. Fortunately for Zednik, who is resting peacefully at the Buffalo General Hospital, he was quickly given the proper care he needed and a disastrous fatality was avoided.

More about Zednik’s injury, including the video, after the jump ››