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Posts Tagged ‘Florida Atlantic’

Mike Jarvis Freaks Out

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Now that he’s moved on from taking down St Johns’ basketball program, Mike Jarvis makes his living coaching the Florida Atlantic Owls basketball team. Currently, the FAU Owls are 4-16 (0-8 in the Sun Belt); obviously not as successful as some hoped when the Jarvis hiring was announced. However, his brief tenure might have come to a head last night when Jarvis decided he’d let his frustrations out on the officials.

The result of Jarvis’ outbursts? Four–count em, FOUR– technical fouls, being ejected from the game and escorted out of the gym via police escort. Oh, and his team lost the game after giving up the lead, courtesy of the resulting technical foul free throws.

But before that the game spun when Jarvis was called for four straight technicals. It turned out to be a 10-point swing, because ULM made 7 of the 8 free throws then got a rebound and scored a 3–point shot, so FAU;s 31-30 lead was suddenly a 40-31 deficit with 2 minutes left in the half, and while the Owls clawed and fought, they couldn’t come back.

The piece’s author, Ted Hutton, expects Jarvis to suspended for a game or two; however, considering his record at FAU, is firing a suitable punishment or will the university wipe their hands of the whole mess?

Hail Marys Do Come True

Middle Tennessee

After falling ever so short in their last Hail Mary bid against the University of Kentucky, the Blue Raiders of Middle Tennessee got a chance to do it again last night against Florida Atlantic. This time, there was no Robbie McAtee to tackle anyone at the one-yard line.

First, the Kentucky play that Middle Tennessee almost pulled off:

More Middle Tennessee Hail Mary flirtation after the jump >>