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Posts Tagged ‘Fist Kiss’

Fist Kisses Are Apparently Homophobic

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Wouldn’t you know it? The one time the NBA uses to promote one of their viral videos showing what goes on behind the scenes of ESPN’s NBA RV, the video winds up getting dropped because of “questionable content.” Apparently, Shaq’s reaction to Breen’s “fist kiss” request — “No fist kiss, no fist love, no fist hump. None of that. You’re a weirdo man. Stay over there. Fist kiss. Disgusting.” — is considering offensive to those who protect the interests of America’s gay population.

Upon reading Shaq’s line, you can see why folks who are sensitive to that sort of thing might be concerned. But is it wrong for a person, in this case Shaq, to not be interested in anything that suggests man-on-man relations?

NBA on ESPN – Fist Kiss

The NBA tips off on Tuesday and ESPN is getting in the swing with their NBA on ESPN RV campaign. They’ll be a new round of commercials, much like these; but this year, ESPN is also going viral and introducing some “lipstick cam” videos of the guys fooling around while the RV works its way across the country. was asked to be apart of the launch of these videos and we have an exclusive with “Fist Kiss,” an episode featuring Shaq and Mike Breen and it actually made me laugh — especially the incredible level of “cool” on display from Breen.

Fitting it was caught on their lipstick surveillance device.

Other videos will be made available throughout the upcoming season — Tomorrow Night — and they’ll be in a postable medium, much like “Fist Kiss.”