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Posts Tagged ‘Fights’

We Fightin’ At The U

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Miami Hurricanes Cheerleaders

Done to the tune of “The U” by Uncle Luke.

Remember yesterday when I listed a few reasons why I was happy college football was back? Here’s another: fights between fans in the stadium. By now, you’ve either seen and/or heard about the Miami/Florida A&M game and the brawl that ensued in the stands. Don’t not what started, nor do I care. Watching folks get thrown around, all in the name of college football fandom — although, I doubt it was a “my team’s better than yours” argument that started the fracas.

It was probably over a girl; although, if it was over any of the ladies in the lead image, completely understandable.

What to watch for: Pony-tailed guy getting tossed (13-second mark) and the slap-fight that directly follows it when the camera pans up. I’m not sure any of those “punches” connected:

As for Part 2, I’m just impressed with the guy in the wife-beater. Even with a bunch of folks piled on top of and blows raining down around him, he just wants to be left alone to enjoy the beatdown Miami was putting on FAMU.

Did I mention how happy I am now that college football is back?

Fighting Over A Hockey Stick? Really?

Was that horse manure really necessary? Is leaving the arena with a hockey stick somehow going to fill whatever empty space it is that convinces you something like that is worth getting into fisticuffs over? Fanhouse, among others, has the details of the scuffle, however, simply put, Anaheim Duck Scott Niedermayer decided he’d give his stick to a girl sitting in the front row after his team’s 4-3 victory, and apparently, the guy in the blue shirt decided he wanted the stick for himself.

The crowd then shows him the error of his ways, and then, everybody was Kung-Fu fighting. Or swinging wildly at each other, whatever you prefer — although, there were a few good blows thrown, especially when Blue Shirt gets the stick handle in the face.

Bonus: The woman sitting next to Blue Shirt decides she wants to get in on the fun as well.

Can’t we all just get along? No? How about getting over whatever it is that causes people to fight over freaking sports memorabilia? Is that too much to ask?

Kentucky Coaches Slap KU for Fighting

Rich Brooks Tweet

Rich Brooks thinks fighting between varsity teams for major universities is bullshit, as does John Calipari, but he doesn’t work in this meme. So much so, Brooks is willing to take their combined displeasure to the world of 140 characters worth of madness. While I’m quite used to Brooks’ “no BS” delivery, I’m kind of surprised to see he and Calipari comment on Kansas’ issues in such a public forum. I’m guessing, however, that Brooks could take Mark Mangino in a fight — provided he was willing to outpoint him and not mix it up. As for Calipari, he’s probably still mad about Mario Chalmers’ shot and is using the KU fights as an opportunity to rib Bill Self a little.

Speaking of Mangino and Self, does anyone else find it odd neither coach is publicly disciplining the players involved? While both have said things will be handled internally, no suspensions have been handed down. This includes Tyshawn “Point Plankn” Taylor.

H/t to EDSBS (via SBNation)

Has Peace Finally Come To Lawrence, Kansas?

Jayhawk fans

Has the national emergency that’s been gripping the University of Kansas’ campus finally come to an end? Is it safe for non-athletic students to leave their dorm rooms now? Or will football and basketball players continue to run amuck, causing KU students to fear for their non-athletic lives? If reports are to be believed, it seems as if KU’s administrative arm is on the case, making the combatants apologize and shake hands, all while issuing feel-good missives discussing the benefits of teamwork and solidarity among athletes.

Too bad that meme wasn’t being perpetuated yesterday.

We have the released statement after the jump, courtesy of

Continue reading >>

Another Scuffle at Kansas?

Mark Mangino

Following up to our Tyshawn Taylor post from earlier this morning, apparently, last night’s alleged scuffle didn’t get everything out of the two opposing sides’ respective system. Reports indicate another fight between players from KU’s basketball team and their football team took place this morning, meaning football coach Mark Mangino and basketball coach Bill Self will have a full slate of punishment to dole out when the dust settles. Again, reports indicate the bad blood has to do with a member of the female persuasion.

Apparently, the girl in question used to date a player from one squad, and now, she’s dating somebody from the other squad. And this, boys and girls, gives all the justification in the world to jeopardize a free education.

I guess that doesn’t matter as long a you maintain your “G” status, right Tyshawn?

Girls Soccer is Rough, Too

While a great deal United States views soccer/football/futbol as the least desirable of sports — apparently, the idea is it’s not a “tough” sport, that, and it’s apparently boring to watch — there are tons of video providing many reasons to enjoy it, while dispelling the “non-contact” misconception. Not only that, but like this Break video indicates, girls’ soccer is not the most friendly affair either. Apparently, the defender didn’t appreciate the way her opponent was blocking her off the ball.

Oh, and the forward’s turn towards the defender as the ball went out of bounds might not have helped matters either.

Basketball Fight Night Continues

This time, featuring a Los Angeles Lakers practice, DJ Mbenga and Chris Mihm. Apparently, Mihm doesn’t like it when someone bodies him out of the way, so he responds with a blocked-shot attempt that looks more like a slap towards Mbenga’s face. After that, it’s feud time. Naturally, the Laker teammates broke it up before it got out of hand, but the fact remains, can’t basketball players just get the hell along? Is there something about orange balls with black lines and grip bumps that bring the worst out in people?

By the way, where was Kobe during all this? Is he too good for practice? Can we expect an Allen Iverson-style rant about the meaning of practice from Bryant? I don’t think we’re that lucky, but hope can be an eternal thing.

H/t to NBC4 in LA for posting the video.

Basketball Fight Night

Last night was fight night in the sport of basketball, apparently. First, we had the high school ugliness in Alabama, and then, Zach Randolph decides to smack/punch/push Luis Amundson in the face. Apparently, Amundson got a little to close for Randolph’s comfort, so, in true “brilliant athlete” fashion, Randolph decided he’d try to put his hand through Amundson’s jaw … Or just push him out of the way, depending on your perspective and where your fanhood lies.

Suspensions are no doubt looming.