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Padraig Harrington

So, Tiger’s not the only golfer on the PGA Tour who is capable of repeating at the Major Championships. I’m glad Padraig Harrington helped clear that up now that he’s won back-to-back British Open trophies. The repeat, which took place at Royal Birkdale, solidified Harrington’s place as one of the best golfers on the tour and as the best European golfer in the PGA — a fact that’s hard to debate when you compare his resume to the other European golfers on tour.

If you are just counting 2008, Harrington is tops here as well. Besides his second consecutive Open trophy, he has four top-ten finishes and seven in the top-25. However, it was his four-stroke Open victory that puts his name among the golfing’s best. Because of his repeat victory, Harrington saw his name jump 31 spots as he entered the top-10 standings for the PGA’s FedEx cup.