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Posts Tagged ‘Fans’

Philadelphia Eagles Season Ticket Shakedown

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Well, the NFLPA is decertifying, the lockout is upon us, and there hardly is anything more to say about the subject.  It becomes a period of watching and waiting to see which group of exceedingly greedy and selfish professional sports groups blinks first.  While I previously have written about how fans feel (generally) about this matter in NFL Determined to Throw Fans for a Loss, it only just occurred to me to give at least one fan a forum to let loose about the unmitigated gall and greed of these organizations.

The whole 2011 season ticket invoicing scheme from most, if not all, of the NFL teams is just starting to make it’s run around the sports talk shows and publications.  Here is an angry email I received from a Philadelphia Eagles’ season-ticket holder, Mr. Robert Whalon, and I reprint it with his permission.  Mr. Whalon brings some serious heat and anger, and it’s a rage that is undoubtedly stoking the angry fire of fans across the nation.  It’s a well-written flame-fest directed at the Philadelphia Eagles and apropos to the entire NFL.

See the Philadelphia Eagles Greed after the jump >>

Jim Knox Gets Killed During Pre-Game. Again.

Perhaps Fox Sports’ Jim Knox should start doing his pre-game stuff from the safety of the press box, or perhaps outside of the stadium altogether, unless, of course, he enjoys getting absolutely blasted by fan/team traditions. Whether it’s falling off a couch upheld by Kansas State fans or his latest adventure which saw Knox get drilled while trying to stay out of the way while taking part in the running of Ralphie, the live buffalo mascot for the Colorado Buffaloes, when Knox is around, one should have the medics on stand-by alert.

As indicated, Knox’s latest run-in with team traditions saw him get blasted by one of Ralphie’s handlers while following the crowd of runners as they made their way around the field. The results were about what you’d expect, especially when Knox is involved:

And then there’s this classic, featuring Knox, K-State fans and a couch. Look out below:

While it’s hard not to appreciate Knox’s tenacity, at some point, concern about his quality of life needs to come into play. I will say this, however, if he would’ve done that couch stunt in West Virginia, he might not have lived to tell his tale because of him being burned to death.

Minor victories, and all that.

Rick Pitino Denies New Jersey Nets Interest

Rick Pitino

There were reports going around the WWL this morning that Louisville head coach Rick Pitino put feelers out, expressing interest in the head coach for the New Jersey Nets. Needless to say, Kentucky fans took this bit of news with lots of glee. Unfortunately for fellow members of the Big Blue Nation, it looks like those reports were false — it’s either that or Pitino was put off by the fact the rumblings were made public.

While rejecting the idea, Pitino offered these thoughts to ESPN’s Pat “4D” Forde:

“I have no interest, period,” Pitino said Thursday. “I’m done with coaching professional basketball. I’ve put the professional ranks behind me.”

Sounds pretty definitive.

Pitino’s comments have been supported by Nets’ president, Rod Thorn, who also denied the rumors. So for now, it looks like Ricky, Ricky, Ricky is staying in “The Ville” for the time being. Apparently, Pitino’s keen to be apart of the opening of the brand-spanking-new $250 million arena designed for the Cardinals’ men and women’s basketball teams.

Of course, there could be other, unspoken reasons why Pitino doesn’t want to go help the New Jersey Nets. Fixing a team that’s managed a mere four games (out of 52) is no easy task, and I wouldn’t blame any coach for shying away from such a project. Then again, the amazing attendance numbers could be just the thing to sway even the most stubborn coach’s mind.

Nets Fans

I mean, who wouldn’t want to be apart of such undying support?

Of course, if the Nets put a better product on the floor… As you can see, it’s a vicious circle, one that Rick Pitino wants nothing to do with — at least until the Cardinals’ season is over.

Hotter Saints Fan?

Hot Saints Fans

Thanks to the intrepid fan photographers following SbB, we now have a pertinent question going into this weekend’s NFC Championship: Which Saints fan is hotter? Most of us are aware of Heather “F**k Da Eagles” Rothstein, who parlayed a snarky t-shirt and her cute looks into a Maxim appearance. Like Ja’net Dubois says, “there ain’t nothing wrong with that.” But now, again, courtesy of SbB, Heather has some competition.

Unfortunately for the completeists out there, we don’t know the name of the threat to Heather’s throne, and because of that, she been affectionately called “sideboob Saints fan.” Considering her pictures, this moniker is fitting. There’s also a picture of Miss SSF, in case comparing faces is your thing:

Hot Saints Fans

Whoever you pick here, one thing’s certain: This exercise is certainly better than making laughable fan songs.

Vikings Fans Are Bad At Team Songs

First we have one of the most prolific, talented musicians, perhaps ever, assaulting our ears with whatever this is (Really, Prince? Really?!?), and now…

That little gem of a find comes courtesy of KSK, and they have an awesome breakdown to go with it. I, however, just have a question or two: “Song 2?” I mean, OK, everyone and their mother knows this song thanks to various commercials and the like, but “Song 2?” As a Vikings tribute song? I don’t know, I’m just not feeling the selection. As for the video aspect of this “music video,” well, moms always said, if I don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Of course, that’s not very “writer-like” is it?

With that in mind, What? The? F**k? Next time, you’d be better off just showing the Madden 10 highlights you started with; because your dancing? Just… damn. For all you bettors out there, if this isn’t an omen, I’m not sure I’ll ever understand the concept.

Duke AND Carolina Lost?

Duke, Carolina Fans

I’ll pose the same kinds of questions I asked about Brook and Robin Lopez: What happens to the basketball universe if Duke and North Carolina lose on the same night? Does the basketball universe cease to exist? Does ESPN pull the plug on their upcoming “the best rivalry in sports” love fest? Does Roy Williams start feeling heat as his team continues to disappoint? What about Duke? Do people start re-piling on Jon Scheyer, provider of one of the best sports faces, maybe ever? Or did they ever stop?

After last night’s failure — especially for the Tar Heels — it appears as if the college basketball world is still turning, although, I think non-fans are enjoying themselves a little more.

While Duke’s loss is a little less surprising (a road loss to a decent NC State team), there’s little doubt people still take joy in watching the Blue Devils fall. Carolina’s home beatdown at the hands of Wake Forest, on the other hand, is little more surprising. Nobody expected the Heels to be, well, this average. Because of their recent play (three straight losses, four out of five), the Tar Heels find themselves in an unfamiliar spot for a defending National Champion: directly on the bubble.

Currently, the Heels are 12-7 (1-3 in ACC play). In order to get invited, Roy’s boys are going to have to win at least nine conference games, meaning they need to go 8-4 over their last 12 games. Is that even possible with the all-of-a-sudden pedestrian Tar Heels? Considering just how “up” opposing teams are going to be for North Carolina — especially now that they smell baby-blue blood in the water — it’s going to be a hard road for them to travel, especially when they have problems shooting the ball. Fans, however, are not giving up on their Heels.

Now we get to see if they will have something the cheer for.

New Cowboy$ $tadium Ain’t Cheap

Cowboys Stadium

Yesterday, Martellus Bennett tweeted something about touring the new $1.5 billion stadium for the Dallas Cowboys. The video in question is now live, and while the stadium does indeed look like modern marvel of sports venues, there a few things that stand out, as you can see in the lead image. When asked about his thoughts on building such a facility, Jones indicates the new stadium will help capture the mystique of the Dallas Cowboys.

Bring your wallets after the jump >>

Where Hornets Fans Feel Robbed Happens

I was drawn to this video via the Star Wars-style crawl and stuck around to see what was being said. Um, no, the Hornets were not robbed, unless you consider getting completely outplayed being robbed. The contention is the referees would call a foul on New Orleans every time they made a run, which, in turn, took the wind out of the Comeback Kids’ sails.

I’m sorry, but you are going to have to find another culprit when your opponent beats you by a total of 79 points in the final two games of the series. Perhaps something like, “Denver was completely the better team and the Hornets just got caught in their wake of awesomeness.” Anything would be more appropriate than blaming the officials.

At least in the this case.

Chicago Bulls fans? Sure, they can argue double-standards (Rondo’s non-suspension as opposed to Howard’s one-game banishment) until they turn blue in the face, and they’d have a point. It wouldn’t help much, but their point would remain and have validity to it. Hornets fans, on the other hand, need to take Denver’s cumulative ass-whippings like adults and just hope the front office finds some help for Chris Paul during the offseason.

Blaming the officials — especially in a series as lopsided as Denver/New Orleans — is awfully weak. I do, however, admire the subterfuge being attempted by the video’s creator. No one will know the face of the man behind the “Officials Robbed the Hornets” meme, nor should they, apparently.