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Posts Tagged ‘Facebook’

Sidney Crosby Brings Joy To Canadians…

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Canadian Fans

Yes, Sid the Kid made the Canadian fans happy, but that’s not quite the effect he had on his southern neighbors. While deserving credit where credit is due for scoring the gold medal-winning goal, I’m not sure Crosby endeared himself to Team USA hockey fans, no matter how fair-weather* they were. A quick glance at Facebook, which has become one of the first places to go when looking for public reaction to popular culture events, finds this gem, called the Petition to Not Allow Sidney Crosby back into the United States.

And this.

And this.

More on Crosby’s game-winning play, including the goal >>

UK Fans Turn To Facebook For Answers

Seth Davis ruffled some Wildcat feathers this past weekend when he indicated UK’s prized freshman, Patrick Patterson, might be turning pro after his freshman year; news the Big Blue Mist didn’t take kindly to. So what did the Internet savvy among them do? They turned to Patrick Patterson’s Facebook profile to answers, of course.

Surprisingly, Patterson (or someone faking it) answered his wall messages with this little gem:

You all need to calm down, but I guess that’s what you get for listening to the media…I’M NOT GOING PRO AFTER THIS YEAR!

Read more about Patrick Patterson’s Facebook adventures after the jump ››