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Posts Tagged ‘Eye Candy’

Booby Knight Called The KU Game, Apparently

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Booby Knight
Thank god for high definition television broadcasts; although, the twin peaks behind Bobby Knight’s head would’ve been noticeable even if they were in black and white. This little gem of a picture was seen during the Kansas/Oklahoma State beatdown. After the glorious low-cut Kansas shirt was observed, the first instinct was to take a screenshot, but then you realized 30 FPS was on it, and so you can just sit back and enjoy the view.

More on the Jayhawks after the jump >>

Hot Oregon Cheerleaders are Hot

Oregon Cheerleader

A hearty good morning and happy Monday to all of you from all of us, including the cutie in the lead pic. I’m not certain which Oregon cheerleader she is, I’m thinking Kristen (although, Amanda is a possibility too), but really, are names that important? If so, feel free to further your investigation. Whatever the case, I’m sure her pleasant demeanor helped Oregon when they shellacked Portland State, 69-0.

I’m sure it gave her plenty to cheer about, just like her picture does for us.

Speaking of images, hers is courtesy of 30fps, a site of screenshots that’s clearly becoming a favorite resource of sports bloggers everywhere, me included.

Ines Sainz Hubub Recalls Dave Chappelle

Ines Sainz

Surprisingly, the Ines Sainz stuff is getting much more coverage than expected, and a lot has been said on both sides of the fence. Some of it is compelling reading, some of it silly. One thing that has been a constant, at least for me, is every time I hear about Sainz and her New York Jets locker room adventure, I’m reminded of Dave Chappelle’s HBO special, Killing Them Softly, specifically, the part where Dave ponders the psychology of women and men in these kinds of situations.


“Just because I’m dressed this way does not make me a whore.”

True, but don’t be surprised if a bunch of testosterone-addled professional athletes — the same ones who have been told all summer how great they are — respond like they are at a strip club. Is that kind of behavior right or should it be condoned? You’d hope people are mature enough to enjoy the physical beauty of someone without acting like they were in a meat market, but then again, dressing in a manner that heavily accentuates the female breast and ass in front of a group of aggressive males … you can finish this sentence however you see fit.

Clearly, the topic is still open to discussion.

This USA Fan Was A Hit

Hot USA Fan

While the African winter might be robbing us of scantily-clad female World Cup fans, a few have trickled out here and there. The most “famous” being the Paraguayan fan who stored her cellphone in a conspicuous place. However, the United States has a contender as well. The lady leading this post was seen at today’s US/Algeria game, and one thing’s for sure, ESPN loves her.

No, I don’t know her name, but I’m not sure that’s even important.

When you add her to the joy of the Landon Donovan goal, and you’ve got a pretty damn successful day for the United States. Here’re a few more pics for you to enjoy:

After the jump >>

South Korean Fans Could Get It

South Korea Fans

Especially the lovely lady on the right. While the cell phone bra girl has become the underground hit of the “hottest fan” search, our South Korean friends certainly bring something to the plate. It’s just to bad the one on the right didn’t do something like store her digital camera or her smart phone somewhere conspicuous.

Oh, and we shouldn’t forget about the Australian lovely who appeared during their beatdown at the hands of Germany.

Hot Australia

These Ladies Were Booted From the World Cup

Dutch Fans

Now, why on earth would FIFA officials remove such a lovely group? Because they weren’t really fans. According to the Daily Mail, the ladies in orange, 36 of them in total, were part of a viral marketing attempt by Bavaria, a Dutch beer brewer. This isn’t the first time the Bavaria makers have tried coupling sex, beer and underground marketing techniques; although, perhaps this is the first time their models were summarily rejected.

However, the “failed” viral marketing attempt — I quotes around the word “failed” because, essentially, it worked. We’re talking about it. — doesn’t end with a beer company only getting one half of the exposure they were seeking. There’s also blame to lay, and that, folks, was placed ever so gently at the feet of Robbie Earle, an soccer analyst for ITV. Earle apparently donated his tickets to the Bavaria makers cause and was shown the door for his efforts.

Hopefully, Earle received more from the Bavaria brewers besides their appreciation.

England Understands World Cup Advertising

World Cup Ad

Because the WAG sensation, not to mention attractive fans, goes hand-in-hand with the World Cup, it’s no surprise to see English ad agencies capitalize on the two great tastes that taste great together. Lynx, the European derivative of Axe, has an ad that blends an attractive lady, well, one with a nice body, at least; with the style of the infamous Wayne Rooney/Nike poster from the 2006 World Cup.

You know? This one.

While one contains promises of glory for England and her football fans, the other contains the promise of, well, sex. I’d say their both pretty effective in their own right. According to the Copyranter blog (H/t for the image), there are several different versions of the English Lynx ad for other countries. If the ad guys are smart, and if they do an Australian version, they’d use this particular Aussie fan.

World Cup soccer and sex. Is there anything better?

WAGs for Umbro Is Pretty Hot

WAGs for Umbro
Click for bigger image

Capitalizing on the “hot chicks + the World Cup = awesome” idea, Umbro is the latest to feature attractive ladies in order to push their product. And while the campaign is indeed pretty hot, it’s not as hot as Dani Fornarelli’s US Soccer uniform spread for Playboy. According to the almighty Kickette, the WAGs appearing in the photo are as follows:

Alice Bregoli (Alberto Gilardini, Italy), Susana Werner (Julio Cesar, Brazil) Julia Goedicke (Marcell Jansen/Christoph Metzelder baby momma, Germany), Luli Fernandez (Pablo Mouche/sext partner of Juan Roman Riquelme, Argentina), Zaira Nara (Diego Forlan,Uruguay), Abbey Clancy (Peter Crouch, England) and Charlene Suric (Gael Clichy, France).

Once again, I must thank at least one deity for the idea of combining beautiful women and World Cup soccer. Talk about two great tastes tasting great together.

Umbro’s site has a lot more on this particular campaign, including wallpapers (like this one), YouTube videos and individual pages for each WAG/model.