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World Series: Let the Fun Begin

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World Series

Here we are folks: the Cowbells versus the Liberty Bells. The Raysheads versus the Why Can’t Us crowd. Mohawks versus … well, the Phillies didn’t do any special haircuts for the postseason, but you get the idea. The Fall Classic is here as the Tampa Bay Rays try to give the Philadelphia Phillies all the devil they can handle.

Currently, the Rays are favorites, but I’m thinking a lot of that has to with them being the freshest memory out of the two teams. Not that they aren’t capable of winning the World Series. They obviously are. I just have the feeling because of the unexpected late drama in the ALCS, the Phils are the forgotten team, not that they have a problem with that.

I mean, would a Philadelphia team have it any other way?

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ALCS – The Red Sox Are In Trouble


Yesterday, I wrote that title as a question, but after last night’s Tampa Bay beatdown (13-4), the question is, is the Red Sox reign as World Champion over? It certainly looks that way. The damage was done by Willy Aybar (4-5), Evan Almighty and Carl Crawford (5-5). Crawford’s five hits last night were four more than David Ortiz has … for the entire series.

While some Sox fans hang on to the recent past for inspiration, it seems an awful lot like wishful thinking. Bob Ryan expanded on the comeback idea:

It’s doable, right? Dice-K throws another gem tomorrow. Beckett finds himself Saturday. Lester goes back to being Lester on Sunday. The Tampa Bay bats cool off and the world returns to normal. Sounds nice and simple.

On the other hand . . . it’s worse than you think. Tampa Bay probably will win, and then the fans around here will have to face facts, the primary one being this: The Tampa Bay Rays are not just good, but young good.

Who knows? Maybe the Sox can use the Rays inexperience against them, although, in order to do that, they’d have to keep Tampa Bay from scoring, something the Sox have failed miserably at in the last three games. Meanwhile, the Rays are feeling good about themselves — who wouldn’t — but they also understand the series isn’t over yet.

Speaking of feel-good stories, check out the Rays interactive timeline to see just how far they’ve come since 1995. From expansion to one win away from the World Series. That’s how you grow a franchise.

ALCS – Are The Red Sox In Trouble?

Evan Longoria

While they are only facing a 2-1 deficit, thanks to some inferior hitting, the Boston Red Sox look a little lost against the upstart Tampa Bay Rays. Apparently, the Sox fans feel the same way.

9-1 ALCS losses at Fenway have a way of silencing even the most hearty of crowds.

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