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Marcell Dareus is now a star (not pictured, I just liked the image). That kinda thing happens when you knock Colt McCoy out of the biggest game of his life. Said stardom is only catapulted by the touchdown return that brought a crazy first half to the close. But a question arises: Which defensive play was bigger? Dareus’ touchdown return or Eryk Anders’ late-game sack of Garrett Gilbert, a hit that caused Gilbert to fumble away Texas’ comeback chances? Before we choose, let’s revisit. First. Dareus:

And now for Anders:

While Dareus’ play directly resulted in points, Anders did as well, only it took three more plays, while taking precious time off the clock. Not only that, but Anders’ sack, once again, the Tide’s first of the evening, helped kill the chances of a suddenly-confident Texas team. When Anders recorded his sack, the Longhorns had fought all the way back, trailing Bama by only three points. Of course, both answers could very well be wrong here. The hit that took McCoy out was the not only the defense’s, but the game’s biggest play.

Granted, Dareus’ hit didn’t look like a knockout blow, but then again, that’s easy for me to say from my warm and comfortable office chair.