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Posts Tagged ‘Erin Andrews’

ESPN Versus The New York Post

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Post Cartoon

Apparently, the specter of Erin Andrews’ unauthorized video is going to tear the sports reporting world apart. See, for instance, the spat going on between The New York Post and ESPN, detailed beautifully be Deadspin. Here’s a quick catch-up: The Post posted pictures of the nefarious video, thankfully brought to light by Doug Sheckler (I say thankfully not because of a naked EA, but for all the content his post spawned. Nicely done, Doug, even if that wasn’t your intention.), and ESPN got pissed.

I mean really, really pissed.

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One Question (Erin Andrews)

Erin Andrews

Thanks to my man Scrap, Doug Sheckler to those who don’t know, and his ability to start a veritable crap storm — not too mention, his ability to search Dailymotion ;) — Erin Pageviews Andrews and her much-hotter-body-than-I-realized is perhaps the front-and-center story of the summer. If you need to play catch-up, hit the links before this sentence.

A question about the Erin Andrews incident after the jump >>

Inside The NFL Gets A Little Hotter

Jenn Brown

Obviously, the guys at Showtime know something the guys at HBO do not: sex/eye candy/skin sells quite well with the male demographic. Hence the hiring of Jenn Brown on the recently-resurrected-by-Showtime Inside the NFL.

Besides Bob Costas, Brown represents one of the few non-NFL personalities on the popular football wrap-up. She also represents the first woman to join the crew. Brown will be joining Cris Collinsworth, James Brown, Phil Simms and Warren “With the Stars” Sapp. Judging by her portfolio resume, it’s easy to see why Showtime was so eager to hire her.

More Jenn Brown, including pics after the jump >>

Erin Andrews Has A Purty Mouth

Erin Andrews

Yeah, the title is pretty crass, but the point remains: Thanks to keen eye from ESPN’s de facto quality control group — Awful Announcing — we now have even more reason to enjoy Erin Andrews, who’s obviously enjoying her upcoming Title Town/Gainesville segment.

Speaking of, I do have a question: is it considered favoritism to have an ESPN employee be a spokesperson — or a presenter for that matter — for the nominees of this silly Title Town business if they themselves attended the school that made the area under consideration famous? If not, why didn’t Stuart Scott get to do Chapel Hill?

In case you’ve been living in a “no sports” cave for awhile, Andrews is a Florida graduate and was a member of their dance team.