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Posts Tagged ‘Eric Gordon’

Eric Gordon, All Up In Your Grill

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Oh me, oh my is right.

Eric Gordon got loose a couple of times against the San Antonio Spurs, and although the Clip-joint lost, the talented guard provided two highlight moments. The first one, in the lead video, is clearly the best of the two, but the second one is also view-worthy. Yay, basketball.

This has been Eric Gordon. All up in your grill.

How Good Is This Freshman Class?

The Angry T asked a good question about the current crop of college basketball freshman we hear about, night in, night out:

Is this the best collective freshman class ever? Judging by the data compiled, the argument is certainly there. While some will be quick to point out the Fab Five class, has any group of freshman had this much impact? The names are plentiful:

Michael Beasley of Kansas State, Eric Gordon of Indiana, Derrick Rose of Memphis, Deandre Jordan of Texas A&M, Kentucky’s Patrick Patterson, UCLA’s Kevin Love, OJ Mayo of USC… the list goes on and on.

Read more about this year’s incredible freshman class after the jump ››

Going Out a Winner?

If you believe the rumors, embattled Indiana University coach Kelvin Sampson may have just coached his last game for Hoosiers last night, a 77-68 win over rival Purdue. Word is, IU is expected to suspend Sampson followed by his outright release (you’re fired), and while I’ve been on record (ask Sooze) as being a supporter of Sampson, this really comes as no surprise.

However, it is important to remember the violations Sampson allegedly committed happened while he was at Oklahoma and apparently continued at IU, but nothing has been said about the Eric Gordon recruitment — a subject that drives some prominent sports bloggers quite mad.

Over at Peegs, the IU faithful are, as you would expect, hashing this out to no end and like most IU supporters, they seemed resigned to the fact the inevitable is coming.

All I know is this is much ado about some phone calls. Yes, he lied and yes he broke the rules (by talking on the phone too long). But still, a termination-worthy offense? Really? The amount of parroting going on is pretty surprising.