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Posts Tagged ‘Eric Berry’

Let Me Screw That Back On For You

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Eric Berry

What we have here is Kansas City Chiefs prized rookie, Eric Berry, getting his head screwed back on by Jovan Belcher. Um, Eric? Your job is to hunt heads, not lose yours.

As for the Chiefs, while a great deal depends on Matt Cassel’s performance, they have a legitimate chance to improve a great deal when compared to their previous three seasons, where they amassed an astounding 10-38 record, which is about 3.3 wins a season. The defense should be improved, as are the weapons at Cassel’s disposal; players like Jamal Charles, Dexter McCluster, a non-suspended Dwayne Bowe and Chris Chambers.

Is there enough talent to win the AFC West? Doubtful, but the roster looks improved enough to do better than 3.3 wins.

Eric Berry Is Ready To Be A Chief

Eric Berry

Much to the amazement of non-KC fans everywhere, the Chiefs did something good with their first pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. Instead of going for a mundane entrance into the pool, the Chiefs went for the big splash by drafting Eric Berry, a player who, to many, represented one of the best available players, regardless of need. Bonus: The Chiefs need(ed) help at the safety position, and with no offense to Earl Thomas, Berry was (Is?) the best available at the position.

Granted, the Chiefs need help on the offensive line, as well as trying to find an offensive player capable of helping Matt Cassel, but a player of Berry’s ability can and should have more impact than a Dez Bryant or C.J. Spiller — at least for the Chiefs.

Some of the guys are Fanhouse were at the draft, and they managed to snag an interview with the Kansas City-bound Berry, and it’s easy to see he can’t wait to begin his NFL career.

Video after the jump >>

Tennessee Volunteers Keep On Swinging

Eric Berry

Following Lane Kiffin’s “we’re creating interest” lead, the Tennessee Volunteers haven’t been shy with the self/team-promotion as we get closer and closer to college football season. Whether it’s promoting safety Eric Berry for the Heisman with billboards, or posing with orange Lamborghinis for the upcoming team poster, the Volunteers have it covered.

Volunteers and exotic cars after the jump >>