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Posts Tagged ‘England’

England’s Pain: A Fan’s Perspective

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England's Pain

Yes, the World Cup is over, and with today’s attention span being as long as a Twitter post, it’s already long forgotten, especially by American World Cup watchers. Sure, some will remember Spain won, although, it’s doubtful they’ll remember who scored to put Spain over the top of the Netherlands (Andres Iniesta, for those of you who forgot). While I’m still fascinated by how quick the news cycle works, this post isn’t about that. Instead, I’ve asked a great friend of mine to share her feelings about England’s less-than-stellar showing in South Africa.

After the jump, Deb Harrison, a loving mom, wife, and an underrated Internet marketer — British readers, if you have any web marketing tasks, you should check Deb’s services out here — and a voracious football fan gives us a glimpse into the disappointment the English team returned home with after such a lackluster appearance. Her perspective also reminds us being a fan doesn’t always mean cheering for championships.

There’s a lot of sorrow involved as well, right Cleveland fans?

A British fan’s take on a failed World Cup appearance >>

England Understands World Cup Advertising

World Cup Ad

Because the WAG sensation, not to mention attractive fans, goes hand-in-hand with the World Cup, it’s no surprise to see English ad agencies capitalize on the two great tastes that taste great together. Lynx, the European derivative of Axe, has an ad that blends an attractive lady, well, one with a nice body, at least; with the style of the infamous Wayne Rooney/Nike poster from the 2006 World Cup.

You know? This one.

While one contains promises of glory for England and her football fans, the other contains the promise of, well, sex. I’d say their both pretty effective in their own right. According to the Copyranter blog (H/t for the image), there are several different versions of the English Lynx ad for other countries. If the ad guys are smart, and if they do an Australian version, they’d use this particular Aussie fan.

World Cup soccer and sex. Is there anything better?

US Continues Futility Against England

Our friends across the pond are framing this particular — and typical — beatdown of US Soccer as redemption for John Terry, who, when we last saw him, was missing a penalty that had much more on the line than yesterday’s friendly between the US and England.

I’m not sure if that’s really accurate.

When England beats the United States in soccer/futbol/football/footie, it lets us know things are normal in the cosmos. On the other hand, if the US were to win — something they haven’t done since 1993 — it might be a sign of the coming apocalypse.

Fortunately for everyone, evacuation is not necessary as England did in fact do what was expected and beat the US, 2-0. Terry opened the scoring with a nifty little header from a David Beckham (who else) cross. The second goal came from some brilliant midfield passing that freed Steven Gerrad to tuck the ball away in the far left post.

Highlights are below:

I didn’t get to see the game, but from what I can tell, the US were outclassed by the English National Team — as per usual. As they say, some things never change: water is wet, time keeps on ticking and England absolutely owns the United States when it comes to the Beautiful Game.

By the way, where was Landon Donovan? I understand his groin was giving him problems. I guess he hurt it when he played 84 minutes against Kansas City four days ago…

Even David Beckham’s iPod Is Awesome

Purple Beckham

While were not smitten with David Beckham, we acknowledge what he is: a pop culture icon who can do some wicked things with a soccer ball — as long as he’s in either the US or taking a free kick — and happens to be married to another pop culture icon; a relationship that reminds us of England’s version of Brad and Angelina.

Because of his pop-culture status, some seem to forget Beckham actually does something to earn some of this notoriety, unlike his wife who is still riding the Spice Girls wave, one that should have dissipated years and years ago.

Recently, Becks received his 100th cap for the English soccer/football team and to celebrate, his teammates gave him a little gift — a golden, 32-gig iPod, complete with engravings of England’s crest, his name and the occasion:

Gold iPod

See, even his iPod is awesome. I’m guessing the gold case is a play on his “Goldenballs” nickname. David Beckham: cooler than you or I could ever hope to imagine. The iPod just solidified his position.

H/T to You Been Blinded for the find.