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Posts Tagged ‘Emmitt Smith’

Emmitt Smith Thinks Patrick Ewing, Jr is Awesome

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And after Patrick’s behind-the-back dunk from last night’s college skills competition thingie, I can’t say I blame him. Make sure you wait until the end to see Emmitt’s reaction.

Like Jimmy Dykes — he of the hot wife — says, that’s a 50. Don’t even bother going to the scorecards. What Ewing delivers is nasty enough, his father should be jealous — although, Patrick Ewing, Sr did have some vicious monster dunks of his own.

Just ask Dennis Rodman:

Of course, Senior was almost 7′ tall, but still, a vicious dunk is a vicious dunk. Bonus: foreign commentary.

Emmitt Smith is Just For Men

Emmit Smith, Just for MenEmmitt Smith, the NFL’s all-time leading rusher, Dancing with the Stars winner, and all-around great analyst (just ask Awful Announcing) has joined Keith Hernandez and Clyde Frazier as the newest spokesperson for Just For Men, the hair-coloring product that helps middle-aged men pull the women.

Because Emmitt is sporting the bald look, the target of the product he’s pushing is his beard, which, in the supporting commercial, is filled with gray (THE HORROR). Naturally, Emmitt applies the formula and presto, he’s no longer a member of the Running Back Rest Home.


I’ll say this for Emmitt, he’s done a good job of keeping himself in the public eye since he retired. I mean, who can forget his green tasseled look in Dancing with the Stars? Maybe his new found confidence, courtesy of a no-longer-gray-beard, will help him when he’s in the studio for ESPN. BTW, here’s his commercial (bottom of the page) if you wanna see it.