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Perception is a Wonderful Thing (Eli Manning)

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Eli Manning

Eli Manning’s forehead was opened up last night during the New York Jets/New York Giants preseason game. While there was a lot of blood coming out of Manning’s noggin, reports are he’ll be just fine; although, I’d like to the size of the knot on his forehead. The splitting of Manning’s wig came courtesy of a screw up in communication between Manning and his running back, Brandon Jacobs. Jacobs thought he was receiving a hand-off — not the case — and ran into his quarterback, dislodging his helmet.

From there, Jets linebacker Calvin Pace absolutely destroyed Manning with a hard hit from behind, pushing the Giants quarterback’s unprotected forehead against another Jets defender who was in the path of Manning’s fall. The results of the initial gaffe between Jacobs and Manning were awfully bloody, and as usual, when people see blood, the natural reaction is to assume the worse.

Fortunately for Giants fans, the worse part of the head gash seen around the world is the potential scar Manning will have once his stitches are removed.

As our culture is now wont to do, video of Manning’s bloody forehead hit YouTube in an exponential manner, and it’s here where you find just how differently people perceived the hit. Was it dirty on the Jets part, or was it a result of Brandon Jacobs screwing the play up? Depends on which video you watch, because it’s the title that gives their disposition away. Take, for instance, this first one:

If you can’t tell, the title of this particular video is Eli MANning Gets Destroyed by Classless Jets. Apparently, the YouTube user responsible for this upload either really, really likes the Giants or really, really hates the Jets. Evidently, Calvin Pace is not supposed to make that tackle. It is preseason after all, right?

In this next video, the blame is placed more appropriately:

The title of this one is Eli Manning gets destroyed, blame Brandon Jacobs, which seems much more accurate than the first description.

Other uploads include predictable titles like: Eli Manning Gets Owned, Eli Manning INJURY Blood Spews From Injured QB (Why is “INJURY” capitalized?), and Eli Manning gets killed by Jets 08/16/10. Apparently, the date was added to the title so we’d never forget.

If the significant reaction to Manning’s forehead gash isn’t an indication just how desperate the American public is for football, I’m not sure what else is. Oh, and to Giants fans wondering whether or not to worry about their quarterback taking such a hit, some Cincinnati Bengals fans have a few words of advice.

Of course, Palmer’s bloodied face came courtesy of bad offensive line play and not from the mistake of a running back.

H/t to Jane McManus (@janesports) for the twitpic of Eli’s bloody night.

Ahmad Bradshaw Drives A Truck

Just ask Carolina Panther Chris Gamble, who saw Bradshaw’s truck up close and personally in the Meadowlands last night. It was a fun game with an exciting finish — especially for John Gruden — but ultimately, not a lot of questions were answered, especially about the New York Giants retooled passing game. Eli Manning attempted only three passes ,however, and two of which were caught (Brandon Jacobs and Domenik Hixon). While the absence of Plaxico Burress will obviously be felt, the Giants running game continues to be the strength of the offense. Both Jacobs and Bradshaw had effective evenings and if their new-look passing game can at least keep defenses honest, the Giants should have decent offensive success this season.

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The NFL Returns With A Slight Fizzle

Brandon Jacobs

The NFL is officially back, although, I’m not sure last night’s game is one you’d want to introduce your sport with. In a borderline-sloppy game, the New York Giants beat divisional foe Washington, 16-7. After opening the game with an 84-yard drive that ended with an Eli Manning rushing touchdown, both offenses combined for only three field goals and one touchdown the rest of the way.

While the Giants were able to move the ball, their drives always bogged down, limiting their scoring chances. Conversely, the defense did a great job of answering questions about their effectiveness after losing Strahan and Umenyiora. Granted, it was only the first game and Washington’s offense was very anemic. However, you can only beat who’s in front of you and that’s just what the Giants did. Of course, next time out, I’m sure they’d like to score some points in the second half.

On the other hand, the Giants aren’t worried about style points, especially when it comes to beating division foes.

For discussion’s sake, it’s doubtful this game says much about either team, unless both continue their offensive ineptitude, something you wouldn’t expect from the Giants. Washington, on the other hand, still isn’t sure what it has in quarterback Jason Campbell, who struggled last night. Perhaps breaking in Jim Zorn’s new offensive philosophy had something to do with their performance; although, Zorn will probably give more credit to the Giants defense.A

The highlight of the game had to be Brandon Jacobs running over LaRon Landry, which is depicted in the above image. It did a great job of letting everyone know the NFL is officially back. If you are an Eli Manning person or are starting him in your fantasy league, the highlight of the game was Manning’s rushing touchdown to open the scoring.

The game also saw Plaxico Burress set a personal record as he caught 10 passes for 133 yards. Burress’ performance comes right after the receiver signed a five-year, $35 million dollar extension. Nothing like going out and immediately showing the ownership you deserved every dime of it.

The NFC East Kicks Things Off

The NFL Returns

Think of this post as a PSA for those that have been living like a hermit over the summer: The NFL returns tonight on NBC as the defending Super Bowl champion New York Giants take on the Washington Redskins. Besides signifying the beginning of the 2008 season, the Giants/Redskins match up has obvious division implications as well.

The NFC East is probably the toughest conference in the NFL and getting a leg-up on a division foe first thing sends a message to both Dallas and Philadelphia.

A Giants win lets the world know where they stand in relation to a Super Bowl hangover and the losses of Osi Umenyiora and Michael Strahan. A Redskins win, one that would be on the road, shows they are capable of competing with the rest of the league; a confidence boost if there ever was one. It would also say good things about Jason Campbell’s progression, provided it’s his arm that wins the game.

Considering the fact the Redskins beat the Giants in New York last December, you have to like Washington’s chances — especially if New York’s defense has a hard time getting to the quarterback. I am curious to see if the Giants open up their offense, because they certainly have the weapons to do so. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Tom Coughlin go the other way — that is, play conservative with a lot of running plays in order to protect a defense that’s all of a sudden looking for an identity.

Because of the GOP Convention, kick off is at 7pm Eastern/6 Central.

NFL Preview – A Quick Look at the NFC East

Dallas Cowboys


Which Dallas team will show up this season? The one that looked like the second best team in the NFL before the Thanksgiving game against Detroit or the one that played after and lost to the Eagles, Redskins and then the Giants in the playoffs?

Now, there’s no denying the talent on the Cowboys as names like Terrell Owens, Marcus Spears, Marion Barber, DeMarcus Ware, Jason Witten and Tony Romo jump out at you. But that and a dollar will get you a cup of coffee at most convenient stores. It’s not enough having a team with lots of attributes. You have to actually win to be successful in the NFL and not just in the regular season.

When you look for weaknesses, it’s hard to find many. As long as Roy Williams can’t cover, Dallas will remain susceptible to the long ball, unless Adam Jones becomes Terence Newman on the other side of the field. The Dallas receiving corps looks a little depleted but with the Owens on one side, the other receiver should have an easier time getting open. As for the running game, any team that features Marion Barber and rookie Felix Jones is potent, provided Jones progresses as expected.

One area of concern is whether or not Tony Romo can withstand the scrutiny he’ll face not only as the Cowboys quarterback but as the boyfriend of one of the most popular faces in the “entertainment” industry. However, he’s done a good job of it so far and with his teammates giving their approval to her presence, there’s just not much there. As long as Romessica doesn’t become a distraction — again — this shouldn’t be an issue.

Put me down for 12-4 (and the NFC East) only because they did 13-3 last season and winning that many games in the NFL isn’t easy.

Hottest Cowboys Cheerleader
Lots of choices here as we focus on the most popular cheerleading group in America. Of course, it helps when their site is set up like a MySpace page, allowing the ladies to post blog entries and pictures. Visitors can even leave comments, a service that probably has more moderators than a Chris Hansen Internet chat room sting.


Say hello to Sydney. She’s full of energy and a good friend — according to her profile, at least.

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Super Bowl: Damn, That Was Awkward

Tiki interviews Eli after the game for the Today Show:

Maybe it’s me, but you can detect a sense of mocking from Meredith Vieira… something like, “Ha ha, Tiki. You have to interview your old teammates who just won without you.” His reaction to her congratulations was impressive as well. You can almost feel Tiki gritting his teeth with such force, they risked being pulverized into powder.

Hat-tip to AA (via Fanhouse) for the find.

Super Bowl = Lots of People

Stating the obvious here, but whenever there’s a Super Bowl event in the modern area, people turn out in droves, and XLII was no different. As you already know, the Giants upset of the Patriots was the most watched Super Bowl in television history with 97.5 million viewers tuning in to watch Eli come of age.

There is also going to be a lot of people to see the Giants ticker-tape parade, which takes place this afternoon in lower Manhattan. According to, it was like the day after Thanksgiving in Battery Park as people began showing up to secure their place early, early Tuesday morning. By rush-hour, there were “several hundred thousand fans lining the parade route.”

Expect this number to increase into the millions by the time the parade starts at 11 EST (actually, that’s like, right now). Do you think there will be a lot of New York Giants jerseys on display? I also wonder if Tiki will be the guest of honor… I mean, his actions did help bring this team closer together, while helping Eli begin the process of displaying his considerable backbone.

In honor of the Giants win, I thought I’d share this nifty little motivational poster I found at, provided by user lifeboat:


Some people were apparently happy the Pats lost…

Intentional Upset: Perfect No More

No Perfection

19-0? No sir. Not this year.

The New York Giants, led by an incredible defensive performance and an Eli Manning that came of age, defied the odds and beat the until-then, unbeaten New England Patriots in a Super Bowl for the ages… and perhaps the biggest upset ever.

Final score:

New York – 17
New England – 14

After both teams scored on their opening drive, the scoreboard remained blank until the 4th quarter. That’s right, powered by an incredible pass rush that absolutely smacked the NFL MVP around the field for five hard sacks and over 20 knockdowns, the Giants defense played an incredible game and did something no team had done all season: render the Patriots attack meaningless.

The game was decided when Manning hit Plaxico Burress with a cheeky 13-yard fade touchdown pass with 35 seconds remaining. When the Pats got the ball back, they couldn’t do what they had done their past three Super Bowl visits: score on their final drive to snatch victory from the other team (all three of their wins were by three points).

Tomorrow, we’ll be here with a lot more coverage, but for now, congratulations New York. You deserve it.

We borrowed our lead image from Good stuff.