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Posts Tagged ‘Elena Dementieva’

The Upskirt Photographer is Back (Wimbledon)

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Elena Dementieva

OK, remember the Japanese photographer that got in trouble for taking upskirt shots of Maria Sharapova? Apparently, he, or the folks he worked for, an advertising agency called Dentsu Holdings, have a new target for their upskirt lust: Elena Dementieva. Yes, we are fans of Elena, so we find these pictures partially agreeable and partially bad taste — or, was it just a lucky snap of the shutter.

Yes, I’m willing to entertain that last option, but man, the quality of these pictures make it a hard stance to defend — especially these:

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Ladies of the Australian Open

Daniela Hantuchova

While most of the blogosphere is focusing on how performances like Absinthe impact the Australian Open, folks like DC Scrap have been doing a great job of documenting the more well-known tennis hotties that have been appearing down under to play a little tennis; but that doesn’t mean there isn’t more to contribute, because there is. We all know about the Ana Ivanovics and Maria Sharapovas of the world, but the list doesn’t start and end with those two.

No, women’s tennis is like an untapped natural resource of attractive women and me being the enterprising content producer I am, it would be remiss of me if I didn’t do my part and bring you these lovely ladies.

More ladies of the Aussie Open after the jump >>

Intentional Eye Candy: Alona Bondarenko

One thing’s for sure, there are a lot more hotter women’s tennis players than we are led to believe. One such player we’ve already discussed in Elena Dementieva; and now we have Alona Bondarenko (Hooked on Fonix werked 4 me), another stunner from the Slavic region of the globe.

Alona Bondarenko

But like I indicated, these examples aren’t the only ones.

In Alona’s case, she rose to blogger fame on the strength of her K-Swiss advertisement (above) that showed up a little while ago, well, that and her ability to hit a tennis ball. However, in the case of the blogosphere, it was probably more for the K-Swiss image.

Eh, we are what we are. ;) Without further adieu, I present more Alona Bondarenko. Congratulations on your IEC award.

Alona Bondarenko Alona Bondarenko Alona Bondarenko

Bonus: a video comparison of Alona and Maria Sharapova for your Friday enjoyment.

Intentional Eye Candy: Elena Dementieva is Really Striking

Elena Dementieva

Women’s Professional Tennis is certainly filled with its share of players that are considerably easy on the eyes. The funny thing about it is, they all seem to hail from Slavic countries. Names like Ana Ivanovic and Maria Sharapova are very familiar. However, there’s one name—as pointed out by on205th—that may have been overlooked.

The person I’m talking about is Elena Dementieva. Not only is she an exceptional tennis player (ranked 10th in the WTA), she’s also, like the title suggests, incredibly striking. Now you won’t find her doing spreads like you’d find in Co-ed Magazine (except for maybe the one featured on on205th) but the fact remains, she’s attractive, talented and now, she’s a member of the famous IEC crew. ;)

Elena Dementieva

Congratulations, Elena. Enjoy your award. Bonus: She also has INCREDIBLE legs.

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