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Jordan Cover
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Today is being branded as “LeBron James Day” or, as the ESPN and James are calling it, “The Decision.” All of this hubbub has to do with James’ impending free agency decision, and the day culminates with an hour-long ESPN special where James will announce his intentions.


For my act of rebellion — sorry, I’m not moved by unmitigated egotism — let’s focus on the recently-debuted NBA 2K11 cover, featuring a truly great basketball player, who, like Jason Whitlock says, didn’t call himself “Air.” Yes, it’s true Jordan has(d) an ego; what truly great superstar doesn’t? However, Jordan handled his business on the court. He didn’t hijack the sports world with hour-long specials, announcing his decision to play baseball or retire because his father was tragically taken from him.

He simply held normal press conferences — ones that did not require ESPN specials — announced his intentions and moved on. Obviously, in today’s world of star-f**kers enabling these “stars,” coupled with an ego that’s been placated at least since middle school, something that simple and benign is out of the question. Whatever the case, instead of hand-wringing over LeBron’s decision, I’m going enjoy having Michael Jordan in a next-generation video game.

Good thing it’s coming out on the PC as well because I’m still not ready to make the leap the PS3.

H/t to Kotaku for the find.