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Brees and Obama Get Us Ready for Football

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Brees and Obama

The New Orleans Saints took their Super Bowl Champions trip to the White House over the weekend in order to celebrate their Super Bowl win with the leader of the free world. The White House visit doubles as both a final chapter/closing of the book for the last season, while serving as a clear sign the new season is upon us. Of course, the NFL’s first preseason game of the new year does the same, if not more. For example, during last night’s Bengals/Cowboys scrimmage, my phone was blowing up with texts asking about and discussing fantasy football leagues.

It’s about that time, folks. As for the Saints, President Obama gave the team immense credit for being a beacon for the city of New Orleans in light of the BP disaster, among other things.

“It’s a rare thing when a sports team carries its city through tough times,” Obama said in an East Room ceremony honoring the Saints. “We are very proud of this team.”

So who’ll be the next team from the NFL to visit Obama? Can the Saints repeat as champs or is it time for the Dallas Cowboys to rise up? If Favre comes back to the Vikings, you have to like their chances as well. Another NFC team of note in a position to block the Saints repeat bid are the Green Bay Packers; provided, of course, the Packers can do a better job of protecting Aaron Rodgers.

Tracy Porter and the MVP

Tracy Porter

Drew Brees is your Super Bowl MVP, and rightfully so. The quarterback clinic he put on from the second quarter on was one for the ages. After missing on four passes in the first quarter, Brees only had three more incomplete passes for the rest of the game. Because of that, Brees got to tell the world he and his family are going to Disney World, a benefit of being the Super Bowl MVP. While Brees’ MVP resume is full of qualifiers — the two-point conversion, for one — it was a Saints defender who had the game’s MVP*.

I’m talking about Tracy Porter, of course, and his game-deciding pick-six interception of Peyton Manning. To put it bluntly, it was a thing of football beauty, regardless who you root for.

Porter’s touchdown after the jump >>

Super Bowl Odds and Ends

Peter King Tweet

Yeah, the Super Bowl‘s this weekend — as is my birthday — and what better way to start the weekend than revisiting the only story the media circus even bothered with this past week: Dwight Freeney’s ankle. According to Peter King’s Twitter, Freeney didn’t practice today, after much speculation otherwise. What does this mean? Who knows, however, if there’s not a Vegas betting line for whether or not Freeney plays, I’ll be impressed. As it is, I’m still expecting to see him for at least one down.

While a lot of people have been bitching about the focus on perhaps the most famous NFL ankle ever, it’s nice to see the media fixate on something that actually impacts the game instead of boring-ass special interest tripe.

Of course, considering just how much Freeney’s injury impacts the betting lines, among other things monetarily related, it’s shouldn’t be too surprising.

Other things of note:

After the jump >>

The Drew Brees Stiff Arm is Legendary

Yeah, Robert Meachem’s amazing hustle will be what’s remembered most from that crazy touchdown during the Redskins/Saints game, but if not for Drew Brees and his stiff arm of steel, the pass would never have gotten off. It’s not often you see a 6 foot tall, 210-pound quarterback shuck a 6-4, 234 pound defensive end off like he was merely an annoying gnat.

Running backs, sure, but quarterbacks? Ones not named Dante Culpepper or Ben Roethlisberger — that is, the bigger, stouter quarterbacks? Yeah, that just doesn’t happen too often.

Granted, the chaos of the play after the pass was made will be what everybody remembers, especially Saints fans, but you shouldn’t discount just how important the Drew Brees Stiff Arm was in relation to the play. If he doesn’t buy himself that extra second, the play doesn’t even happen and Meachem doesn’t get a chance to snatch the ball away from Kareem Moore’s less-than-adequate grip.

Drew Breesus Looks Most Valuable

After eviscerating the New England Patriots last night to the tune of 371 yards, five touchdowns and a perfect passer rating, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew “Breesus” Brees has the air of a most valuable player around him today. Rightfully so. The offensive display Brees and his Saints put on the Patriots signaled a proverbial passing of the torch as the Saints took over the mythical “feared team” moniker away from Tom Brady and his crew. Two seasons ago, it was Brady on the giving side of these types of offensive beatdowns as they rolled to an 18-0 record and a Super Bowl appearance.

Obviously, New Orleans coach Sean Payton learned a thing or two watching the 2007 Patriots absolutely roll their way through the regular season and he has his Saints in a position to do the same. The question going forward is, with only five games remaining on their schedule, are Drew Brees and company going to be able to finish the regular season with an unblemished record?

If online polls of hometown fans are any indicator — and how can they not be — the Saints will be perfect when the regular season ends. The remaining schedule for the Saints looks like so:

@ Washington Redskins
Win, but the ‘Skins have been playing better lately. Could be a trap game.

@ Atlanta Falcons
With a healthy Matt Ryan and Michael Turner, this game represents a legitimate tiger trap.

Versus Dallas Cowboys
If the Saints are going to lose at home, Dallas is the kind of team that to do it.

Versus Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Saints roll.

@ Carolina Panthers
The Panthers of old would probably win this game, but with Jake Delhomme giving the ball away at such an alarming rate, the Saints will roll here, too — provided they don’t decide to “rest” their starters for the playoffs.

As of this post, I’m going to put the Saints down for one loss, and that’s probably coming from either Dallas or Atlanta — way to go out on a limb, I know — but that matters not in the big picture because the Saints will still have home field advantage throughout the playoffs, and as they showed against the Patriots, they are damn hard to beat in the Superdome.

A Sunday of Big Plays

The NFL is finally here, and the sport rewarded our patience with a number of highlight-worthy plays that reconfirmed our love for Sunday’s sport of kings — even if you are a Cincinnati Bengals fan. The play we are leading with has to be Adrian Peterson’s epic 64-yard touchdown run against the Cleveland Quinns. Apparently, Purple Jesus wanted to prove those new Nike Combat commercials are based on true-life events.

I’m left wondering if Peterson’s skin broke out in a protective hexagonal patterns after he scored.

More NFL fun after the jump >>

Shocking: Teammates Hate Jeremy?

Jeremy Shockey

If you have a reputation as an outspoken, demonstrative player — one that can alienate a locker room — it’s a good idea to be a productive teammate, or else run the risk of losing the support of your teammates. It seems as if Jeremy Shockey has already reached this point and if he continues to not produce on the field, he could find himself in the same boat as DeAngelo Hall.

After a miserable day that ended with New Orleans’ prized offseason signing sitting on the sideline while his team was in the midst of a furious comeback, it looks like the Shockey signing was a mistake. Not only are there reports of Shockey pissing his teammates off, he’s also been woefully unproductive in the Saints pass-happy offense. While he has missed three games because of injury, Shockey has played in six more, and all he has to show for his efforts are zero touchdowns and two lost fumbles.

That’s not quite the level of production Sean Payton and the gang expected from their expensive acquisition. An example of yesterday’s ineptitude:

Facing third-and-10 from the Saints’ 37-yard line and still within two touchdowns, Shockey failed to pick up a rushing Falcons defender, forcing Brees to unload a quick dump-off pass to him in the left flat to avoid a sack.

Not only did Shockey miss the block, he missed the ball, dropping it with a half-hearted effort that spurred Brees to sprint toward him and emotionally voice his frustration. The animated discussion continued on the Saints’ sideline.

While the tight end did take the blame for missing the assignment — and the ball — it’s blatantly obvious Shockey isn’t providing anywhere near the level of production expected of him when he was acquired. As for the teammate hate, Mike Florio indicates both on-field and off-field behavior contributes to these feelings.

Simply put, if Shockey wants redemption in New Orleans before he gets thrown on the DeAngelo Hall fire, he might want to finish his assignments, catch the ball and perhaps even find the end zone before the season ends.