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Posts Tagged ‘Domination’

Brazil Smashes Team USA

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The above video is of Brazil’s third goal, one that could be described along the same lines as a Mortal Kombat fatality move. In their 3-0 win against an all-of-a-sudden impotent American team, Brazil was their normally-brilliant selves, while controlling just about every aspect of the game. As I was watching bits and pieces of the game (thanks, ESPN 360), I was struck by just how uneven these teams were. During the parts I saw, the Brazilians completely controlled the ball, as well as the flow of the game. Sure, Team USA had a couple of late shots hit the post, but by then, it was entirely too little, too late.

The game also ended the failure that was Team USA’s trip the Confederations Cup. In two games, they gave up six goals, while scoring only one. Not only that, but this year’s trip to South Africa could very well serve as a precursor of what Team USA can expect at next summer’s World Cup. Yes, there is talent on their roster (Donovan, Dempsey, Howard, among others), but it pales in comparison to the Spains, Brazils and Italys of the world.

By a wide margin.

Giuseppe Rossi’s Brilliant Equalizer

It seems like every time I write about Team USA’s soccer team, it’s about them getting their heads handed to them by an European team. Well, not all the time, but the point remains: US Soccer is still miles behind their European (and South American) counterparts. Never was this point more clear than in the second half against Italy. After playing perhaps their best first half against one of Europe’s “super teams,” the U.S. got absolutely dominated by the Italians — specifically, Giuseppe Rossi’s two goals, including that filthy equalizer.

More on Rossi’s brilliance after the jump >>

Is Tiger a Terminator?

By now, you’ve probably heard of his destruction over at the Accenture match play tournament, starting with that incredible rally (three birdies and an eagle on the last five holes) on the first day of the tournament.

You begin to run out of adjectives and superlatives for one Tiger Woods and his unprecedented domination of golf. The difficulty involved in being an ADEQUATE golfer need not be discussed—most athletically inclined individuals understand this—and that’s what makes Tiger’s complete ownership of all things professional golf all the more magnificent (see, another over-used adjective… but in this case, it fits).

There can only be one explanation. Tiger is a Terminator.

Tiger Terminator

He cannot be bargained with. He cannot be reasoned with. After the jump ››

Tiger Woods Is Still Pretty Good

Leading by three strokes with five holes to play is a good position for a challenger to be in when it comes to PGA match play… unless of course, your opponent is Eldrick Woods. Just ask JB Holmes (UK grad, thank you).

So what did Tiger do? Three straight birdies and one 35-foot eagle putt… a standard finish for most golfers, no?

While a WGC-Accenture victory is far from secure (there are more rounds to be, well, golfed), Tiger’s late charge shows you pretty much have to take his heart out of his chest in order to be sure he won’t pose a challenge.

Good luck with all that.

Bonus: It was the first time Tiger has comeback from a three-stroke deficit to win a match-play round. You know, it’s kind of sad Tiger’s excellence has become almost commonplace. We expect these types of performances in a sport where just one tournament win used to mean you’ve had a decently successful PGA season.

Oh Yeah, Tiger Woods Won Too

Tiger Fist Pump

Lost in all the Super Bowl hubbub was Tiger Woods and his come-from-behind victory at the Dubai Desert Classic. At the start of play during the final round, Tiger trailed leader Ernie Els by four strokes but thanks to some brilliant scoring, including birdies on five of the last seven holes, Woods finds himself two-for-two in golf tournaments this year.

Do you think the other golfers haven’t noticed? Maybe they should catch him in an alley and… oh, never mind. Tiger’s final score was -14, one stroke ahead of Martin Kaymer and two ahead of Els.

Image courtesy of

Intentional Upset: Tiger’s Pretty Damn Good

Tiger Wins Again

You know, if he applies himself, this Eldrick fella might have a future in golf…

Proving that controversy surrounding some unfortunate vocabulary choices is meaningless to him, Tiger Woods went to work on the Buick Invitational in such a surgical manner, he rendered Sunday’s round almost unnecessary. Woods dominated so thoroughly, some are thinking the PGA Grand Slam (Masters, US Open, British Open, PGA Championship) is well within his reach.

Woods’ dominating Buick Invitational victory was his fifth tour win in six tries and his 62nd overall… his lone non-win in the last six? A second-place finish. Like I said, he might have a future in this sport. Oh yeah, it was his fourth straight Buick Invitational victory.

I suppose the only thing upsetting about Woods’ performance would be from his opponent’s perspective. You just have to know they are all sitting there wondering, “Is he ever going to cool off?” No, it really doesn’t look it anytime soon… A closer look at Tiger’s eight-stroke victory:

* In 72 holes , he was 19 strokes under par (this could’ve been 20-plus if not for three uncharacteristic bogeys on the back nine).

* Speaking of bogeys, he only had five all weekend.

* Second place was 11 under, a whopping eight strokes back.

* Woods’ 62 PGA victory, equaling Arnold Palmer for fourth all-time.

* The victory earned Tiger a cool $936,000.

And just think, this is how he started his professional golf season. Will his assault on golf’s overall leadeboard continue? What’s even scarier is Woods thinks he’s only going to get better:

“I’m still getting better,” he said. “I still have holes in my game that I need to fix and need to improve on. I just think that what I’ve been working on, I’m headed in the right direction.”