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Posts Tagged ‘Doc Rivers’

Boston Celtics Celebrate the Ring

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Celtics Banner

And with that, the NBA is officially back. As Paul Pierce exploded with emotion, relief after seeing all his hard work and commitment to the once/now great franchise, the NBA came roaring back into our lives. Unlike other ring ceremonies of the past, the recipient team actually won their game, beating LeBron and his new-look Cavaliers, 90-85; however, the game was almost secondary to the celebration.

The Celtics Ring after the jump >>

The Doc Rivers Gatorade Bath Was Great For Charity

Doc Rivers Gatorade Bath

So what happens to the clothes of the newly-minted World Championship coach after they’ve been doused in the NBA’s first-ever Gatorade dunk? Does he dry clean them or just dispose of them? Why on earth would he do that when there are so many people out there who want to get there hands on anything that resembles a collectible?

That being the case, Doc Rivers donated his suit and the Celtics donated the cooler used by Paul Pierce to dunk his coach with to charity. These items generated $55,000 for the Celtics Shamrock Foundation.

Not only that, but during the auction, Bill Parcels — the first coach to ever receive a Gatorade bath — decided to join the fun and support the charitable cause. Here’s the clip of Parcells calling to place his bid, courtesy of Alex Jeffrey.

As indicated, the Gatorade-soaked suit raised $55,000. The winning bid was $35,000 with Gatorade and another Celtics fan chipping in $10,000 each.

Doc Rivers Responds

While the playoffs were taking place, no coach was more maligned that Boston’s Doc Rivers. Questions about his rotations, his ability to coach defense — an apparent shortcoming Rivers himself was aware when he accepted Tom Thibodeau as one of his assistants — and his ability to motivate were constantly called out.

Never mind the fact that he had just coached his team the best record in the NBA during the regular season. Surprisingly, when Boston actually made it to Finals — dispatching Detroit and LeBron along the way — these cries seemed to actually get worse. The main point of contention was Phil Jackson was going to coach circles around Doc.

Well, now that the Boston Celtics have their 17th, Doc has a little message for all of his doubters:

Doc Rivers

But it doesn’t end there. If ever a newly-minted championship coach from the NBA needed a voice of support, Dr. Jack Ramsey, a person who’s forgotten more about basketball than most of us will ever know, provided Rivers a loud one:

Going into this series it was assumed that the Lakers had a significant coaching edge with Phil Jackson. But by the end of the series, the consensus is that Rivers outcoached Jackson by a wide margin.

It’s funny the difference a week and some change makes.

Gatorade Baths In The NBA?

Gatorade Doc

I approve of this and I’m glad someone finally brought it to the NBA. Although, I will say, if there are going to imitators, please wait until you win an NBA Championship. That needs to be an official NBA rule, in fact.

Aren’t sports championship fun?