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Kansas City’s Rookies Make Lots of Noise

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Tony Moeaki

Are the 3-0 Kansas City Chiefs for real? It’s hard to say, but 3-0 and is 3-0, regardless of who you’ve played. You can only beat who has been put in front of you, and the Chiefs have done just that and looked fairly impressive doing so, especially on the defensive side of the ball. While quarterback Matt Cassel continues to be the bane of the local sports reporters’ existence, there’s no denying the Chiefs have a lot of young talent on offense and if the defense continues to perform, the playoffs might come sooner than most expected.

One of the new studs on offense is tight end Tony Moeaki, and against the 49ers, he lived up to the hype with a fantastic one-handed catch; one some are calling the catch of the year.

See for yourself:

Another young stud and safe-driving enthusiast, Dexter McCluster, continues to wow Chiefs fans with his explosive plays, ones that usually result in touchdowns:

So while the Chiefs might not be Super Bowl contenders just yet, and while Cassel continues to take heat from his local critics, they do have a stout defense and some talented newcomers on offense. Couple that with an easy regular season schedule, and the Chiefs have a legitimate chance to make a run at the playoffs.

Dexter McCluster Wants You To Arrive Alive

And he’s got just the rap song to tell you about it. Friends, it’s simple: if you want to ride around with Kansas City’s electric rookie, don’t text and drive. Driving is not the time to share “LOLs,” but they are, apparently, fodder for silly rap songs about the act of texting while driving.

An LOL moment if there ever was one.

Dexter McCluster Has Some Fast Wheels

Chiefs Fans
I bet these guys have man-crushes on McCluster now

The Kansas City Chiefs surprised the San Diego Chargers last night, by the score of 21-14. While the Chiefs offense still looks incredibly suspect, thanks to an influx of youthful talent, the Chiefs now boast some explosive players that can score anytime they touch the ball. Jamaal Charles is one, and he showed what he’s capable of with a 56 yard touchdown scamper, putting the Chiefs on the board. The Chiefs scored again when rookie tight end Tony Moeaki got free in the end zone, but it was their third touchdown that set the Chiefs nation on fire.

Thanks to a beast-mode-like 94-yard punt return touchdown — a record for the Chiefs — from McCluster, he’s probably the most popular player in a Chiefs uniform now. Long punt returns have a way of canonizing Chiefs players.

For example, see Hall, Dante.

I dare say, however, McCluster is actually faster than Hall because it looked like he ran that 94 yards in about four seconds, especially after he gets outside.

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