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Posts Tagged ‘Detroit Pistons’

Kevin Garnett Dunks, Elbows and Clarifies

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Kevin Garnett

Clearly, Kevin Garnett is a lightning rod. Whether it his gesticulations and jawing after, well, anything good for the Celtics happens, or his desire to get under the opponent’s skin, KG is obviously no longer the gentle giant he was portrayed to be while in Minnesota. Furthermore, he seems to embrace this new “bad guy” persona, and he never misses a chance to try and get under the skin of whichever opponent he’s around.

Just ask Andrew Bogut and Charlie Villanueva for the most current confirmation. Garnett dunked in Bogut’s general vicinity and decided to pop his elbow out, and into Bogut’s chest after he landed. Bogut was none-to-pleased and let KG know about it:

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Will Freaking Bynum, That’s Who

Who was that masked man? The one who looks like he can fly and finishes at the rim with great authority? I know who the usual suspects are. Guys like Kobe, LeBron and Vince, but who was that dude? What’s that? You say his name is Will Bynum, also known as BYNUMITE? Whatever his name is, last night, he threw down two vicious, vicious dunks over any Charlotte Bobcat who got in his way. These nuclear strikes were so devastating, local leaders declared Auburn Hills was in a temporary state of emergency while crews worked valiantly to dispose of the remains left behind by the deadly blasts of the Bynumite missile.

Some are going far enough to call Bynum’s attacks the dunk(s) of the year. While that’s a tad too early for my blood, it’s doubtful these attacks will be forgotten when it’s time to hand out season-ending awards.

H/t to Need4Sheed for compiling footage of the preemptive strike.

Porn, Twitter, and The NBA

Dumb Tweet

So yeah, there’s a little competition between an up-and-coming porn star — if you find a pun in that description, it was intended — and an NBA rookie to see who can get to 4000 Twitter followers the fastest. The penis receptacle porn performer in question is Valerie Luxe and the NBA rookie is new Detroit Piston, DaJuan Summers. And that’s all fine and good. If you want to get into a follower race with an adult entertainer with an apparent predilection towards NBA players, then have it.

I’m not sure if Joe Dumars will approve, but overall, it’s a pretty harmless venture.

More porn, Twitter, and the NBA after the jump >>

Where LeBron Is Just Too Much Happens

The Cleveland Cavaliers continued to dominate the Detroit Pistons last night, as once again, the boys from Motown proved they have absolutely no answer for the presumptive MVP. Last night’s game was a little more hard-fought than Game 1, especially in the fourth quarter, which saw Mike Brown rest his superstud. Once the Pistons cut the lead down from double-digits, James reentered the game to put the finishing touches on Cleveland’s 2-0 series lead.

There were some fun moments in the game, especially when Anderson Varejao got involved.

Overall, however, it was another dominate performance from the Eastern Conference’s best team. There’s no point in breaking this game down like I did with Houston/Portland. The bottom in last night’s game — as well as the rest of the series: The Cavaliers have LeBron and the Pistons, well, don’t.

It was another night as the office for James, as he posted this ho-hum stat line: 29 points, 13 rebounds, 6 assists. Moe Williams and Delonte West were also effective for Cleveland, scoring 21 and 20, respectively.

Game 3 is Friday night. It’s too bad the league did away with the best-of-five series for first-round match ups — at least for Cleveland, anyway. Detroit, for that matter, also deserves to be put out of their misery so the franchise can move on to the offseason — where a rebuilding project no doubt awaits.

Jason Maxiell At Full Extension

Are the Pistons, now that they moved Rip back to the starting line-up, back? Ready to make a run at the Eastern Conference? Seeing how they are 5-5 in their last 10 games (although, they have won 5-6), and only two games above 500 (32-30), an extended run through the NBA Playoffs is probably asking a little much, but one thing’s for sure: The Pistons still dominate the Orlando Magic. And said domination continued last night as the Pistons yet again beat the Magic, 98-94, making it a season sweep for the Pistons.

The highlight of the game was Jason Maxiell’s one-handed finish, courtesy of a Rip Hamilton lob. I knew Maxiell could jump, but I didn’t know he could extend his body like that for such an exquisite catch and finish.

As for the Pistons, the Freep is calling this a “rise from the ashes,” and seeing how the Pistons are winning again, that may not be far from the truth. After going through an extended losing streak less than a month ago, it looks like the Pistons have cured what was ailing them. However, does this equate to an extended playoff run? Are the Pistons a threat to the Celtics or the Cavaliers?

In spite of the Orlando domination and a rediscovery of what it takes to win, it’s hard to see that happening from here. Also, what happens when Iverson gets back from his injury? Although he’s said all the right things, how will he handle Sixth Man duties? Will the team allow AI’s presence to “fit” with the rest of the Pistons?

Basketball Rims Are Bad For Your Face

This happened during halftime of the Pistons/Hornets game last night, making the Rasheed Wallace Throws A Towel evening even more entertaining. It looks like the guy is OK, making the laughs and “Oh damn” reactions easier to live with. There’s even a moment of Rasheed throwing his towel in for the evening at the end of the video, meaning it has all of the important storylines covered. How about those Pistons? Last night was their eight loss in a row and it put them below the .500 mark for the first time — this late in the season, anyway — in a long, long time.

Are there any wins for the Pistons in sight? Which is worse, dunking your face on the rim or free-falling like the Pistons?

H/t to BDL for the find.

Best Bounce Pass Ever?

Thanks to some weekend birthday celebrations, I didn’t see much sports action these past couple of days. That’s why I’m thankful the greatness that is Ball Don’t Lie for providing a highlight of Allen Iverson’s full court bounce pass to Rip Hamilton.

Based on Iverson’s one-handed throw, it’s easy to see why the hype about his high school quarterbacking was so high. Some say he was better at football than he was at basketball.

Shaq The Physics Professor

Shaq Fu

So sayeth the Big Aristotle to Rodney Stuckey:

“The law of physics states that a body in motion stays in motion,” O’Neal said. “And if you have two objects that meet in the air, the smaller object is going to fall much harder at the same rate of speed it was going. I’ve never been the type of player to take anyone out. I was going for the ball.”

Now, lets see the yesterday’s lesson in action (after the jump >>>)