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Posts Tagged ‘Detroit Lions’

Calvin Johnson Drags DeAngelo Hall To the End Zone

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Calvin Johnson

While Donovan McNabb’s benching was the main story after the Detroit/Washington game — For Sex Cannon Rex? Really? — Calvin Johnson was the story during the game. Granted, Johnson had some help from Ndamukong Suh, among others, but his nine catch, three touchdown, 101 yard day was so dominant, it’s hard not to think of Johnson’s name when discussing the best receivers in the NFL, and watching him drag DeAngelo Hall into the end zone was an awesome display of athleticism.

Plus, it was a perfect way to pay Hall back for that first quarter interception on a pass intended for Johnson. It’s safe to say Johnson got the last laugh:

Johnson’s other touchdowns are in the video as well, but the strength he displayed on his first was, simply put, beast-like.

When discussing Johnson with friends, I often make a comparison to Shawn Kemp playing wide receiver. His athleticism was apparent in college. However, I’m not sure if that’s enough praise. It may be time to add “the best receiver in the NFL” title as well.

Calvin Johnson Is the Latest Victim…

…Of the NFL’s rules committee. By now, you’ve seen, heard and undoubtedly offered opinion about the Detroit Lions and their chance to beat the Chicago Bears — on the road, no less — and Calvin Johnson’s pass catch in the end zone that, well, wasn’t. It seems like a spirit/letter of the law discussion, one that gets obfuscated by comments like this:

He fell down and the ball came out. You got to secure it. It’s that simple.

Yes, after his two feet, followed by the legs, behind, and the rest of Johnson’s body — the left side, anyway — hit the ground while he had the ball in his possession. However, because he didn’t hold onto the ball while he was getting up, it’s was ruled as not being a catch, regardless of how many other criteria of catching the ball Johnson met.

While other, more knowledgeable football fans have pointed out it was a good call, but a bad rule, something in the The Big Lead’s post stood out to me:

Item 3: End Zone Catches. If a player catches the ball while in the end zone, both feet must be completely on the ground before losing possession, or the pass is incomplete.

As indicated, Johnson’s feet, legs and the rest of his body hit the ground — completely — before the ball on the ground incident. Perhaps I’m reading the above quote wrong, but it sounds like Johnson complied with the rules of an end zone catch. At least to me, anyway. Whatever the case, it wasn’t ruled a catch, and all of the Monday morning analysis in the world isn’t going to change that.

Sounds like yet another situation the NFL will be addressing in the offseason, while they are deciding whether or not to lock their players out. I guess the silver lining is, if/when football comes back after the money split is sorted out, they should have this rule clarified, if not outright fixed.

Perhaps by then, what our eyes tell us — it was a catch, as was Louis Murphy’s last season — will indeed by true.

Ndamukong Suh: Headhunter

I’m not sure what sparked such a reaction from the prized rookie of the Detroit Lions, but apparently, preseason double teams are not something Ndamukong Suh enjoys; and God help your quarterback if Suh gets through because he might just tear his head off. Just ask Jake Delhomme.

While Suh’s reaction to Delhomme’s head and helmet was a bit surprising, and kind of awesome, the best part of the video was watching Delhomme react like this:

Jake Delhomme

Although, that could be from the fact that he’s now playing in Cleveland.

Ndamukong Suh Passes “Haynesworth” Test

Ndamukong Suh

The heralded Detroit Lions rookie, Ndamukong Suh, made his first appearance at training camp yesterday, and one of the first things he accomplished was passing the “Haynesworth” conditioning test, the same one that’s hampering — and subsequently made famous by — Washington Redskins d-lineman, Albert Haynesworth. For all those Lions fans salivating at the idea of Suh wreaking havoc in an opponent’s backfield, here’s another reason to get excited: He passed it on his first try.

According to reports, in order to pass, Suh had to complete the first part of the test in 70 seconds and the second part in 73. Suh’s times were 65 and 67 seconds, respectively.

With Matt Stafford, Calvin Johnson, and now Suh, the Lions have some of the more talented younger players in the NFL. The question is, can they turn that talent into a successful team for a town desperate for a good NFL team?

It’s Hard Being a Detroit Lions Fan

This little gem is making its way around the blogosphere and with good reason. What we have are two Detroit Lions fans who happen to be female — hence the Roy Williams jersey — and they apparently have issues with some other Lions fans. Things get all loud and boisterous, and then the authorities show up, ruining the fun for everyone. Come on Lions fans, considering the plight of your football team, one that’s working on a 0-18 streak, solidarity instead of infighting is what’s needed — even if the females in question are annoying as hell; even if they are acting like they belong in the “White Chick and Gang Signs” video.

Good times.

H/t to just about everyone, but it looks like Issac is the one who got the ball rolling.

Top QB Picks Make the Rounds

Matt Stafford and Mark Sanchez are the talk of the town right now, something being a top draft pick affords. Last night, both franchise saviors were in the Big Apple, as the media mecca continued with their star-building mode — build them up to tear them down, and all that. Stafford, who apparently has a room at Radio City Music Hall, was on David Letterman last night to assist with the Top-10, concerning the thoughts going through Stafford’s head during the draft — “If I win one game, I’m a hero.” and “Why is Jessica Simpson calling me?” were faves.

Not to be outdone, New York’s newest golden boy, Mark Sanchez, was out at Citi Field, throwing out the first pitch for the Mets/Marlins game. The reception for Sanchez was as warm as you would expect, something that’s been going on since his name was announced on Saturday — although, he air-mailed the pitch.

Mark Sanchez

In other news, I’ve noticed the Sanchez pick is being routinely praised, while the Stafford choice seems to have a lot more doubt attached to it. If I’m not mistaken, doesn’t Stafford have more offensive weapons to work with than Sanchez? Yes, the Jets should have a great defense, but they don’t have Calvin Johnson or the overlooked Kevin Smith, who had a much better season, production-wise, than most remember.

Granted, that by no means is meant to discount Thomas Jones or Jerricho Cotchery — Sanchez’ set of proven tools — but neither player has the youth Johnson and Smith bring.

Just sayin’.

Sanchez Going Pro

Mark Sanchez

We’ve been having a few technical bugaboos today, so bear with us. Good news, USC fans. You get to go through another quarterback competition in the spring because Mark Sanchez is going to ply his trade in the NFL. He’s leaving the land of protective intercourse Trojans after taking the reigns as a fourth-year junior, succeeding John David Bootay.

Sanchez is coming off a fantastic Rose Bowl game, which saw him throw for over 400 yards and 4 touchdowns. He also had a rushing TD as the Trojans ran the Nittany Lions back to the east coast.

Highlights after the jump >>

Taking 0-16 To Heart


Tattoos are used to commemorate lots of things. Mom, offspring, video game love, movie geekiness, the list goes on. You name it and there’s probably a tattoo for it — even teams that go 0-16 in an NFL regular season. As pointed out by Deadspin (via My Fox Detroit), a true, true Detroit Lions fan decided he’d do something a little different to celebrate his team’s awfulness in 2008: Get a tattoo that memorializes the accomplishment, or lack thereof.

Video after the jump >>