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DeSean Jackson Absolutely Smoked LaRon Landry

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DeSean Jackson

Memo to LaRon Landry: If you’re going to do a little pregame trash talking that leads to a friendly get-together between teams, you might not want to get your ass absolutely busted on the your very first defensive shift of the game. This little fact of life is only magnified when the player who abused you is the same one you started in on during the pregame fun.

This, of course, was only the beginning of the Michael Vick-powered touchdown avalanche that left the Washington Redskins broken and bruised, all while players from other teams took shots at Donovan McNabb’s new contract.

While the Redskins would go on to give up an additional 52 points, but that’s no way to set a tone, right LaRon? Especially when you talked miles and miles of cash-money trash before the game. I guess you could call Jackson’s touchdown a little bit of karma that knocked Landry on his ass.

DeSean Jackson Is A Beast

DeSean Jackson

Who is 5-10, 175 pounds and dominates NFL secondaries like they were made out of paper? Judging by the stature listed, truthfully, there’s nobody who should fit that bill, especially in a sport like NFL football. Just don’t tell DeSean Jackson that. Not only is Jackson a bitch for opposing secondaries to cover, he’s also challenging NFL records along the way. With his two eye-popping touchdowns against the New York Giants, the Philadelphia receiver tied the record for most touchdowns over a 50-yard distance with eight.

Again, may I remind you that Jackson is under 6 feet tall and weighs under 200 pounds?

More on Philly’s receiving freak after the jump >>

DeSean Jackson Runs Really Tricky Routes

Not only is DeSean Jackson getting mentioned alongside past NFL greats for his long touchdowns, the routes he runs to get open are so slick, he’ll even bust the ass of the occasional referee who is trying to keep up with Jackson’s blazing speed and quickness, much like he did when his Eagles beat the blank out of the New York Giants yesterday.

Just wait, if Jackson’s route-running antics keep happening, the NFL will make it illegal to run such ankle-breaking routes. We already know they protect their officials. Making such a rule seems like a natural progression.

Is This Any Way To Run An Offense? (Washington Redskins)

Redskins Offense

This great screen grab from Mister Irrelevant does a good job in showing just how ineffective things are in the land of the Washington Redskins. To get a better idea of how last night’s face-falling went, LSUFreek chimes in with a list of the play calls Sherman Lewis had at his disposal. Seems about right. In case the Redskins offense wasn’t ineffectual enough — four ugly turnovers (one of which was on a punt return) — their defense didn’t fare much better; especially when DeSean Jackson touched the ball.

Video of DeSean’s destruction after the jump >>

A Sunday of Big Plays

The NFL is finally here, and the sport rewarded our patience with a number of highlight-worthy plays that reconfirmed our love for Sunday’s sport of kings — even if you are a Cincinnati Bengals fan. The play we are leading with has to be Adrian Peterson’s epic 64-yard touchdown run against the Cleveland Quinns. Apparently, Purple Jesus wanted to prove those new Nike Combat commercials are based on true-life events.

I’m left wondering if Peterson’s skin broke out in a protective hexagonal patterns after he scored.

More NFL fun after the jump >>

Percy Harvin, Too

After surprising Urban Meyer with what might have been his first time getting slapped on the ass–by a player anyway–Percy Harvin, the best player on the field during the BCS National Championship game, is taking his pads to the big boys league, the NFL. Meanwhile, linebacker Brandon Spikes and of course, Tim Tebow, are coming back to Gainesville for another season.

By most 2009 Mock Draft projections, Harvin will probably be a mid-to-late-first round pick. Are we looking at another player in the mold of Darren Sproles or will Harvin DeSean Jackson-type: a return specialist who possesses receiving skills? Hell, maybe Philadelphia could draft him and pair him the two as wide receivers.

While that may very well be the shortest tandem in the league, there wouldn’t be many secondaries keeping up with them either.

How Good Are The Eagles?

Westbrook Touchdown

There was a lot to digest after last night’s heavyweight slugfest between the Eagles and Cowboys. Things like DeSean Jackson’s brilliance, the lack of defense displayed by both teams, the lack of Jessica Simpson coverage (was she even in attendance?), Tony Romo’s ascension up the good quarterbacks ladder, TO’s touchdowns, Brian Westbrook’s freaky ability as a dual-threat and Marion Barber’s awesomeness are just some of the things that stood out.

But what about the Eagles? Just how good is this team? Can they win the NFC East and perhaps get back to the Super Bowl?

More Eagles power after the jump >>

DeSean Jackson’s Premature Celebration

We all saw it last night — DeSean Jackson provided what could’ve been one of the most boneheaded plays of all time when he started his touchdown celebration before he crossed the goal line after receiving a beautiful bomb from Donovan McNabb. When it initially occurred, the play was ruled a touchdown. After further review, the Eagles retained the ball, which was spotted at the 1-yard line.

Luckily for Jackson, Brian Westbrook punched the ball into the end zone on the next play, erasing the mistake — or at least reducing the severity of it. Of course, you can expect Jackson will be reliving the play at practice this week, complete with the ribbing all rookies take. I wonder if he’ll celebrate by dropping the ball again.

Over at the 700 Level, they take a look at another DeSean Jackson celebration that cost him a score. Obviously, Jackson needed a reminder of the lesson he already learned. To quote Chandler Jarrell:

“Brilliance is, the best brilliance is brilliance born not from someone ignorant.”

At least the dunce cap move didn’t cost the Eagles the game; one that could go down as one of the most enjoyable Monday Night Football games in recent memory — as long as you aren’t a fan of stout defensive performances.