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Posts Tagged ‘Derrick Rose’

Young NBA Greats Relive Air Jordan Moments

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Rajon Rondo

Sony’s Sports 2K series, while perhaps not getting the same unconditional love as EA Sports, has been producing quality sports games. Unfortunately, their catalog no longer includes the NFL, thanks to the EA’s exclusive deal, but that hasn’t stopped from making great NBA simulations. Thanks to a special, highly-coveted guest start, this year’s NBA 2K11 looks like they’ve upped the ante by including perhaps the best, most famous basketball player ever.

I am, of course, talking about Michael Jeffrey Jordan. The inclusion of the man, they myth, is, from Sony’s perspective, the natural evolution of their brand. Simply put, you get to play as Michael Jordan, reliving some of his greatest on-the-court accomplishments, among other options.

If I’m not mistaken, Jordan will also be available as a rookie to be drafted, meaning you can mold his career how and on whatever franchise you see fit.

Now, something so cool — I bought a PS3 pretty much for this game — doesn’t really need a lot of publicity or marketing campaigns to attract the masses. With Jordan on the cover, the thing will sell itself. That, however, didn’t stop them from creating an awesome commercial, featuring the NBA’s new breed playing, enjoying, and reminiscing about their favorite Jordan moves.

We have Derrick Rose baking a Jordan cake, Rajon Rondo washing windows, while Andre Iguodala Josh Smith and Russell Westbrook join in from the couch. What follows? Well, see for yourself:

I, for one, am impatiently biding my time until October 5. Watch out, too, because if I’m not careful, I’ll have Michael Jordan playing for that new pro team in Lexington — the Kentucky Wildcats: NBA Edition.

H/t to YBB for the find.

Derrick Rose Gets Us Ready For the NBA Playoffs

Derrick Rose

Whether the Chicago Bulls make it to the NBA Playoffs or not — it depends on the outcome of their game against Playoff-bound Charlotte, as well as Toronto’s game against the New York Knicks — one thing’s for sure: You won’t be able to place the blame on Derrick Rose, who, against the Boston Celtics, had a career-high in points, leading his team to their much-needed 40th win. As mentioned, if the Bulls win tonight against the Bobcats, it won’t matter what the Raptors do, because Chicago will be one game ahead with a 41-41 record.

If the two teams tie, W/L record-wise, Toronto will be playing the Cleveland LeBrons in the first round due to the Raptors owning the tie-breaker.

To gain their one-game advantage over the Raptors, the Bulls had to beat the Celtics, and thanks to Rose’s fantastic outburst, they did just that. The highlight of the game had to be Rose’s breakaway reverse windmill dunk, a perfect highlight to decorate such an important win with: See Rose’s dunk after the jump >>

Greg Oden Gets Trampled by Bulls

As The Baseline pointed out, Portland Trail Blazers center Greg Oden had a great night against the Chicago Bulls, scoring 24 points and grabbing 12 rebounds. His team even got a sizable 122-98 win over the Baby Bulls. However, Oden’s night is being canonized because of two failed dunk prevention attempts. In the lead video, Derrick Rose absolutely blasts Oden with a nifty little baseline jam that the Portland big man just missed blocking. And then there’s the play where Oden tried to get in the way of Joakim Noah, and failed.

Nevertheless, it was Oden who had the last laugh as the Blazers dominated the Bulls for a 24-point win. It’s pretty safe to say both Rose and Noah would trade their highlight-worthy dunks for an impressive road win. Alas, it was not to be. Good thing they’ll always have their Dunking over Oden posters to look back on.

And if Noah really wanted a last word, he could always grab his second National Championship ring. You know, the one he won at Florida when his Gators beat Greg Oden and the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Derrick Rose Defends His SAT Score

Derrick Rose

While meeting with reporters today for the Chicago Bulls media day, point guard Derrick Rose denied there was any wrong doing concerning his disputed SAT scores. In case you’ve been on a walkabout over the summer, here’s the abridged version: The University of Memphis was made to forfeit their 2008 Final Four — not to mention the entire season — after Rose’s SAT test scores were ruled invalid by the Educational Testing Service. This, in turn, caused the NCAA to retroactively deny Rose’s freshman year of eligibility. Of course, their ruling came a year or so after the NCAA’s clearing house cleared Rose for collegiate competition.

Nevertheless, Memphis was held responsible for the NCAA’s “findings.”

While Rose’s denial is to be expected — really, do you honestly expect to say, “Yes, someone else took the test for me.” and risk untold financial benefits that are, in all likelihood, upcoming for Rose — there are still some gray areas surrounding the incident. Namely, questions about Rose’s trip to Detroit., the place where he took, and ultimately passed, the SAT.

As for the adult in charge during Rose’s tenure — John Calipari — let’s just say it would be wise if folks like John Wall, Eric Bledsoe and DeMarcus Cousins qualify with flying colors.

Mario Chalmers Lives (John Calipari)

The NCAA is trying to tell you, thanks to John Calipari/Derrick Rose’s SAT debacle, that the Mario Chalmers shot didn’t really happen — even if you think it did. Sorry if you’ve got video footage to back your claim up. It still didn’t happen. Although, try telling that to all the Kansas fans in the video who spontaneously exploded when Chalmers hit the biggest 3-point shot of his life… Sorry, that didn’t happen. There’s nothing to see here. Move along.

Calipari’s thoughts after the jump >>

Much Ado About Nothing? (Derrick Rose)

Derrick Rose

In light of Andy Katz’ report about the University of Memphis not finding any proof of SATs taken under false pretenses, does this mean last week’s “John Calipari is the devil, Derrick Rose is his acolyte and the NCAA fostered such an environment for them to thrive in” stuff was all for nothing?

Here are some of the details:

After the jump >>

John Calipari or Derrick Rose?

John Calipari and Derrick Rose

I’m sure the blogosphere has been waiting for my response on the Memphis basketball allegations — something that started as a investigation into the Memphis’ women’s golf program — concerning Derrick Rose (not named, but let’s be serious here) and John Calipari. By now, you’ve heard most of the details, and if you are like Pat Forde, you’ve decided to use this situation as a way to further whatever doubt you have about the former Memphis coach.

More on John Calipari’s woes after the jump >>

Where Amazing Game Sixes Happen

That’s about all I could come up with concerning the title, and boy, is it fitting. After 63 minutes of basketball — 15 more than normal — the Bulls and Celtics are headed for a Game 7, two of the best words in relation to the NBA Playoffs. There’s been so much said already about last night’s great game. Ray Allen was Jesus-like. Joakim Noah was Dennis Rodman-like. Two things stood out, however: the fouls by Paul Pierce on Noah and Glen Davis’ foul on Brad Miller — both players’ sixth and disqualifying fouls — might have been two of the dumber playoff fouls I’ve seen, especially for key players playing with five fouls.

Paul Pierce, after missing two potential game-winners earlier in previous game-deciding moments, gave a weak turnover up to Chicago’s latest manifestation of a rebounding spark plug with wild hair, who outraced a turtle-like Pierce and dunked it over Boston’s Truth, drawing Pierce’s sixth. John Hollinger said the Celtics need an athleticism injection. I say that could be reduced to Pierce, who looks nothing like the player who dunks in the NBA’s series of “Amazing” videos — athletically, anyway.

Not even close.

As for Davis, I’m not sure what fouling Brad Miller that far away from the bucket was going to solve. Yes, time was not on the Celtics side, but Davis was playing like an important cog should, scoring 23 points grabbing 7 rebounds, displaying a jump shot that can make you forget about Kevin Garnett, especially on the offensive end — that is, until Davis committed that unnecessary sixth foul.

Would the outcome have been different for the Celtics if one or both of these players were available down the stretch? Who knows? One thing’s for sure: Thanks to two dumb, dumb fouls (Pierce’s was so egregious, a friend of mine commented “he doesn’t want to be in anymore.”), we never will.