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Posts Tagged ‘Derek Anderson’

Dwight Howard’s Take On Derek Anderson

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Last night, NBA jokester/man-child, Dwight Howard, had a laugh at the expense of Arizona Cardinals quarterback, Derek Anderson, by making fun of Anderson’s post-game rant after the Cardinals got stomped by the San Francisco 49ers. The results are about what you’d expect from the guy responsible for releasing a karaoke-for-kids album in the offseason.

In other news, I’m guessing Howard’s season low of nine points coming on the heels of his impersonation is only a coincidence, right? It certainly couldn’t be karma from making fun of such a poor performance — vicariously, anyway — could it?

Is the Brady Quinn Experiment Over?

Brady Quinn

The coach everyone in the Cleveland area loves to hate, Eric Mangini, has named Derek Anderson has his starter for Sunday’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals. The question is, is this the end of Brady Quinn’s career in Cleveland or is Mangini simply going to install a turnstile at the quarterback position? Considering Quinn is ranked 30th out of 33 starting quarterbacks, it doesn’t look good. Another stat not helping Quinn’s chances is his paltry 5.8 yard per completion. As a contrast, the top two rated quarterbacks this season — Drew Brees and Peyton Manning — average 8.7 and 10.2 YPC respectively.

Quinn’s 1-3 touchdown-to-interception ratio isn’t setting the world on fire either. Granted, Anderson had three picks against Baltimore last Sunday, so neither quarterback are inspiring a great deal of fan confidence. Is Cleveland’s 2009 season already a wash?

Is it time to blow it up and start over, especially at the quarterback position?

And The Winner Is?

Apparently, Cleveland Browns coach Eric Mangini has decided on a starting quarterback after choosing between Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn. The problem is, Mangini is being coy about his choice and won’t reveal who is starting until their game against the Minnesota Vikings starts on Sunday. The idea is he wants the Vikings coaching staff to be unsure about who it is they are preparing for.

Will naming a starter make a difference in Cleveland? More after the jump >>

Rian Lindell Channeling Scott Norwood

Jim Kelly
I’ve seen this BS before and I don’t like it

Drudging up old memories isn’t always your best policy, especially if said memories are unpleasant. Jim Kelly knows. And after last night’s loss to the Cleveland Browns, Buffalo place-kicker Rian Lindell knows too. WIDE RIGHT — as if Buffalo fans haven’t heard that before:

Adding insult to wide-right kicks is the fact Phil Dawson had just hit a 56-yarder for Cleveland to give them the lead. Lindell’s miss was from 47 yards. Scott Norwood aside, it’s pretty apparent the Bills are just about done in regards to playoffs and challenging for their division. After starting the season 4-1, the Bills are now 5-5 — 0-3 against their AFC East opponents.

As for the Browns, although he missed on 22 passes, Brady Quinn did get his first NFL win. While his accuracy wasn’t top-notch — 14-36 — Quinn didn’t throw any interceptions or make any major mistakes to hurt the team. Does this mean we’ve seen the last of Derek Anderson for Cleveland? Or will he accept being Quinn’s back up?

Considering the competitive nature of the sport, it wouldn’t be surprising if Anderson asked to be released or traded by the Browns in the upcoming offseason.