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Posts Tagged ‘Denver Nuggets’

Where Are The Carmelo Anthony Jerseys?

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Knicks Store
While the world has finally been spared from the incessant “Where’s Carmelo going” talk, one has to wonder where are all the Knicks jerseys featuring Anthony’s name and number? Currently, and granted, this will change drastically by tomorrow (or tonight, even), there’s absolutely nothing about the Carmelo Anthony trade anywhere on the official site for the Knicks, nor at their online store, either. The reason this is met with some surprise when you compare the NBA’s reaction time to the NFL’s — that is, an hour in relation to Brett Favre being traded to the New York Jets — the lack of Anthony jerseys is somewhat surprising.

Maybe the Knicks organization doesn’t want to believe the news is true.

One thing there isn’t a lack of, however, is an avalanche of analysis concerning the Carmelo-to-the-Knicks trade, something the Google News timeline demonstrates quite nicely:

More on Carmelo’s trade after the jump >>

Merry Christmas From The Sea Gals

Tis the season for Christmas greetings, something the sports world loves to take part in.  Take this offering from the Sea Gals, the cheerleading outfit of the Seattle Seahawks — amazingly enough — and their recitation of the The Night Before Christmas. If you’re not feeling the Christmas spirit, this should help, especially if you’re a guy. In fact, if you’re one of those last-second shopping dudes, perhaps you should use the Sea Gals as proper motivation.

It worked for me.  Especially when Rachel shows up.

More sports holiday cheer after the jump >>

Shelden Williams Must Be Happy Duke is Playing

…Because I’m not sure what else got into him on that dunk he threw down over Ronny Turiaf. It’s not like Williams has the safety net of gaudy NBA production to call on, or well, something — anything — to indicate he will attack the rim in such fashion.

Or if he’s even interested in doing so.

That being said, Williams is averaging almost seven points and eight rebounds for the Denver Nuggets, so there is some evidence of production. Still, it’s surprising to see Williams dunk so authoritatively, which leads to the belief he’s just happy his Blue Devils are back in action, and looking good in the process.

I like to think Williams yelled “Seth Curry On A Bitch” when he threw it through.

That’s One Way To Avoid LeBron

LeBron James makes a “Defensive Player of the Year” kind of living chasing fast-breaking players down and swatting their weak layup offerings into the middle of next. Well, during last night’s epic duel between James and Carmelo Anthony, Melo displayed a pretty surefire method in avoiding such nonsense: By dunking the hell out of ball when you see LeBron catching up to you from behind.

And hey, it worked. Food for thought: Denver beat Cleveland by two points in overtime. Now imagine if LeBron blocks Melo’s shot. Does that mean double-overtime would’ve been warranted? Good thing for Denver fans Anthony didn’t leave it up to chance.

Oh, and that jump shot Anthony hit to give Denver the win was simply dirty.

Melo FTW!

In this case, I prefer the still-image to the video. Fantastic freeze-frame.

Carmelo Anthony Crushes Paul Millsap

If you can’t tell, I’m so happy the NBA is back. Plays like these only confirm the love. Oh, and I wasn’t aware Carmelo could get up like that. While it’s mega, MEGA early, there are some trends already starting to develop — or continue from where they left off last season. One of those being the effectiveness of the Denver Nuggets offense. Granted, I don’t think they are quite ready to dethrone Kobe and the Lakers, but as of today, they do look like the second best team in the West, although, San Antonio might take issue with that declaration.

My issue with San Antonio has more to do with durability than it does talent.

All things being equal, I’d expect both Denver and the Spurs to battle for the second seed in the West. And hey, you never know, if the Lakers falter, both teams will be right there to take their spot.

Lamar Odom Gets Birdman, Too

OK, I promise I’m not piling on Chris Andersen, but Odom’s dunk over the Denver Bird was just filthy, while serving as a nice little payback for the first quarter block Andersen had on Odom. For his troubles, Odom, who is still struggling with a back contusion, played his best game of the Conference Finals, scoring 19 huge points, 14 rebounds and 4 blocks, while leading the Lakers to a huge win. The question is, can Odom repeat his stellar performance, or is there an encore performance of his “disappearing man” act coming?

Considering how his back has been bothering him, perhaps expecting such games on a back-to-back basis is a little much. One thing’s for sure, however — the Lakers look just about unstoppable when Odom plays that way.

Will his swollen back allow him to in Game 6?

Shannon Brown Flushes Birdman

The “other” Lakers potentially saved the team’s collective bacon last night with an inspired performance, led by folks like Lamar Odom and Shannon Brown, who both took turns victimizing Chris “Birdman” Andersen. Brown’s dunk was probably a little more significant because of the run the Lakers went on shortly thereafter — 11-0 to start the fourth quarter — and for the way it ignited the Staples Center “faithful.” Brown’s effectiveness wasn’t limited to game-changing breakaway dunks either. The well-traveled guard also hit a huge shot for LA while the shot clock was expiring and played great defense on Chauncey Billups.

When you look at Brown’s stat sheet and see his six point output, you might think “that’s not that impressive,” but when you consider two things: The Lakers bench production before last night’s game (not much) and the final margin (nine points), you see his contributions were much needed.

As for the Bird of Denver, after a nice block on Lamar Odom to end the first, Anderson got yacked twice for his troubles. While Birdman finished with eight rebounds and four blocks, his two total points left something to be desired. Granted, he’s not called on to score in bunches, but when his team is missing shots late in the third and in the fourth quarters, opportunities for garbage buckets are present.

You just have to go get them.

Moving forward, when the rest of Kobe’s merry men play like they did last night, the Lakers are the toughest out in the playoffs. The thing is, Game 5 was the first game in the Denver series where the LA bench played so well. The question is, was their great play a new playoff trend or a one-game aberration?

Dahntay Jones Trips Into A Flagrant Foul

Dahntay Jones

When you consider all the free throw shooting that’s been going on during the last two games of the Eastern and Western Conference Finals, figuring out how the officials missed such an obvious play is puzzling; especially when you consider who it was Jones tripped. Never fear, Lakers fans, because what the on-court referees might miss, the NBA front office does not. For his tripping efforts, Jones has been hit with a flagrant-one foul, giving him three flagrant points during the postseason.

Players are automatically suspended if they accumulate four or more points.

This means not only does Jones need to watch his step, he needs to watch where he’s sticking his feet the next time Bryant beats him on a backdoor play. I say “next time” because not only can he not guard his man, it doesn’t look like his antics are having much of an impact on Kobe’s game — save for perhaps pissing him off.

“I just fell on my face for no reason,” [Bryant] said. “I’m a klutz.”

As for Jones, he says the trip wasn’t intentional, and that he’s just playing hard; nor does he care how you define his play, so take that Mister Label Man Blogger. Nevertheless, if he doesn’t want to miss a game as punishment, Jones should probably determine what the league considers flagrant and what it doesn’t — unless, of course, he doesn’t mind missing a Conference Finals playoff game.