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Posts Tagged ‘DeMarcus Cousins’

DeMarcus Cousins = Walking Double-Double

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DeMarcus Cousins

While the current world of NBA rookies belongs to John Wall at the moment, his ex-teammate from Kentucky, DeMarcus Cousins, will have a lot to say about who gets the Rookie of the Year award next summer. Last night, Cousins gave Sacto fans a glimpse of the magic he and Tyreke Evans will be providing over the next few seasons in his debut preseason game. Cousins posted a healthy line of 16 points and 16 rebounds (and a rookie-like five turnovers and fouls).

Yes, the “it’s only preseason” applies here, but it’s easy to see the chemistry these two are developing, and it could make the Kings and their underrated roster a factor when it comes to deciding the last couple of playoff teams in the Western Conference. There is some talent on the Kings roster outside of the two Calipari kids; you know, folks like Carl Landry, Francisco Garcia, Omri Casspi, and Jason Thompson.

Yes, there are holes with the Kings, but then again, no one’s saying they are a championship contender, at least not on this end.

As for the Evans/Cousins connection — you’ll be hearing a lot about these two during the season, I’m guessing — the strong chemistry looks to be developing between the two studs, as seen in the upcoming display of pick-and-roll basketball.

Other things to look for: Cousins showing off his nifty free throw line jumper at the 23-second mark; the quickness Cousins showed with the driving layup at the 50-second mark (he’s not just a big stiff who will look to just camp out in the paint), and Cousins beating Robin Lopez for a offensive rebound/put-back dunk at the 1:26 mark.

Sure, this reads like a Kentucky fan shilling for a loved player, but the fact remains, it looks like the Kings have the makings for a very strong one-two punch between Evans and Cousins. That, alone, should be reason for Kings fans to be hyped about the upcoming season.

DeMarcus Cousins Gets the Last Word

Call DeMarcus

Thanks to a hard fought win — courtesy of some questionable calls — Kentucky Wildcats center DeMarcus Cousins got the last word against the Mississippi State fans with a win that was so bitter for Bulldogs fans to swallow, they resorted to pelting the floor with water bottles and other various drink containers. While some of the crowd’s ire was directed at the referees, thanks to little cell phone war between State fans and Cousins, more than a little of their animosity was directed at Cousins and his teammates.

Of course, the fact Cousins reminded the opposing fans to “call me” after a first-half dunk only helped exacerbate the situation.

Video of such good times after the jump >>

DeMarcus Cousins To Mississippi State Fans: Call Me

Call DeMarcus

There’s an uber-ly talented freshman playing for John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats who is quickly becoming the talk of the town. No, I’m not talking about the Great Wall of Kentucky either. I’m referring to Mister Double-Double, DeMarcus Cousins. Because Cousins is known to have something of a quick, emotional trigger, he’s become the target of opposing fan banter, which is done to throw Cousins off his game.

While I’m not sure the verbal sparring had the same effect as does Cousins getting beat up in the paint, that didn’t stop Mississippi State fans from giving it the old college try. You see, Kentucky plays Mississippi State in Starkville tonight, and to prepare themselves, Bulldogs fans have been contacting Cousins via the accepted manner in today’s society:

On his cell phone.

After the jump, we have video of Cousins’ reaction to the phone pranks >>

DeMarcus Cousins Is Ready For Winter

DeMarcus Cousins

Winter has certainly come to the eastern part of the United States and for one individual in Lexington, Kentucky, that means it’s time to update the winter fashions. Just ask Kentucky freshman DeMarcus Cousins, who has been seen rocking ushankas as his headwear of choice. Ushankas are bomber-style winter hats made popular by our Russian neighbors. Of course, if you had to deal with the Artic winters that crush the Motherland under an avalanche of cold air, ice and snow, you’d be creative with your winter hats too.

As for Cousins, well, let’s just say Lexington has been pretty cold as well.

His game, on the other hand, has not. While John Wall has been getting most of the pub when it comes to Kentucky — rightfully so, I might add — Cousins has been living up to his “Diaper Dandy” billing as well by averaging 14.6 points, 8.3 rebounds, while shooting the ball at a 53 percent clip from the field. Granted, Cousins’ free throw shooting needs some improvement (that, too, hovers around the 50-percent mark), but while everyone has been busy loving on Wall, Cousins continues to display just how valuable he is to John Calipari’s reclamation project.

I, for one, give credit to Cousins’ choices in haberdashery.

I mean, how can you not? Especially when said headwear is as awesome as Russian ushankas?

Kentucky Introduces Their Heralded Freshmen

While we are all getting ready for the phenomenon known as college football, other college sports are getting ready for their upcoming seasons as well. Like the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team, for one. Yesterday, photos of the John Calipari’s highly-heralded class hit the intertubes, and man, Cat fans are incredibly excited. This one included. What we have in the lead image is John Wall, Darnell Dodson, Daniel Orton, Jon Hood, DeMarcus Cousins and Eric Bledsoe. For bragging purposes, these kids represent Kentucky’s version of the Fab Five, plus one. We all know about John Wall and the expectations surrounding him — some have him pegged as the number one draft pick in next year’s NBA Draft — but Wall is far from being the only stud in Kentucky’s class.

In fact, the other point guard signed by Calipari, Eric Bledsoe, is considered an equal to Wall by some. Whatever the case, Bledsoe is a freaking beast. After the jump, we’ve added a little something to the group photo for celebratory purposes.

Kentucky’s future after the jump >>