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Posts Tagged ‘DeMar DeRozan’

DeMar DeRozan Ushers In New Era of Intentional Foul

If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed or follow us on Facebook. Thanks for visiting! is back up and posting, and to celebrate our first day of the new launch, here’s DeMar DeRozan dunking all over Tyrus Thomas in what was the most impressive play of last night’s sports action. Granted, as a UK fan, seeing Tennessee and Louisville both lose at home to unranked teams was pretty grand as well, but neither game had anything as ferocious as DeRozan’s “Let’s make a poster with Tyrus Thomas” dunk.

Hell, even Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan had to acknowledge DeRozan’s one-play victory.

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DeMar DeRozan Goes Air Canada on Joe Alexander

Heard about this from Skeets, via the NBA Summer League’s Twitter, and what we have is Air Canada 2.0 — rookie Toronto Raptor DeMar DeRozan — dunking over Milwaukee’s Joe Alexander. The video, at least on my end, is a little choppy but the result is still the same. DeRozan has had an effective Summer League experience, averaging 17 points and almost 5 rebounds a game. Not only that, but, with a little help of Draft Day boasting, is making his new team forget all about the old Air Canada, Vince Carter.

While DeRozan doesn’t quite have the electrifying hops Carter’s blessed with, it’s close. The good thing is, unlike Carter, DeRozan seems more willing to use his. We’ll see if that mentality remains after he gets knocked on his behind a few times; however, so far, so good. Here are a few more highlights of DeRozan’s productive afternoon against the Bucks’ summer team.

Just remember, let’s keep a level head about these Summer League outbursts and not let expectations grow in an “out of control” level.