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Posts Tagged ‘Darth Vader’

Rolando McClain’s Slam Recalls Kevin Harlan

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Rolando McClain Slam

“…With no regard for human life!”

I’m not sure what Danny Amendola did to draw the ire of McClain, besides having he audacity to catch the ball over the middle, but one thing’s for sure, McClain ain’t having it.

While the slam has indeed made the highlight reels here, there and everywhere, I doubt Tom Cable wants his defense getting those kinds of 15-yard penalties on a regular basis, if at all. Cable just might punch McClain in the jaw if that happens again.

Fortunately for McClain, his powerbomb didn’t affect the outcome of the game; although, the Raiders probably shouldn’t be surprised by the hard slam: McClain has already made it known he wants to be Darth Vader.

Don’t Try To Save Darth Vader Penalties

The Dark Lord of Sith as been something of a fixture during the 2010 World Cup; well, at least his franchise has. First, there’s the Adidas Originals/Star Wars commercial mash-up that makes liberal use of George Lucas’ golden child. Now, we have a what appears to be a Mexican telecom offering their various digital services, while capitalizing on the popularity of the World Cup and the never-ending recognition the Star Wars franchise carries. All things being equal, if I had a master of the force in my lineup, it would never come to penalties. I’d simply camp him out in the midfield, launching those force-controlled blasts that would render the goalie useless.

If that fails, there’s always lightsaber-powered destruction as an ace-in-the-hole.

H/t to Guyism for the find.

Oh, and here’s Part 1, in case you are Star Wars completist.

Simply put, I fully support the addition of Darth Vader to any team I root for.

The Force Is Strong In These Jerseys

Jedi Jerseys

There are times in a man’s life where mere words cannot describe what it is his eyes are seeing. The level of awesome (or evil for that matter) is so high and leaves such an indelible impression, the ability to articulate exits your body.

Welcome to one of those times.

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