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NFL Preview – A Quick Look At The AFC West

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San Diego Chargers


The San Diego (Super) Chargers begin the 2008 season as one of the favorite teams to win the Super Bowl. Is this something they can live up to? Is this the year they finally beat the Patriots and represent the AFC in Tampa come February? While they certainly have the talent to do so, it seems there’s always something in way, be it Marty Schottenheimer’s playoff touch or the arm of Tom Brady.

The biggest weakness facing the Chargers is not one of talent or coaching, regardless how many funny faces Norv Turner makes. No, the biggest hurdle the Chargers have to overcome is provided by the injury bug:

Will LT’s knee be healthy? Will he be the same player as before? What about Philip Rivers? What happens when Rivers takes a shot in the leg? Will the Chargers be reduced to backup quarterback play? How is Antonio Gates’ toe? Can he cut and shift like before? What happens when it gets stepped on? And finally, what about Shawne Merriman? Why is he even playing? Does he think the window of opportunity permanently closes after 2008? Will he be able to provide anything resembling a non-injured Merriman?

If the answer to these questions are positive, expect the to see the Chargers in the AFC Championship. However, overcoming the Patriots is another story — until they prove otherwise. Put me down for 13-3 and the AFC West championship.

Hottest Chargers Cheerleader
Earlier this year, during a playoff preview post, I picked Carly as the hottest Charger Girl — who still the best cheerleader pages of all the NFL teams — and I’m happy to say she’s still with the team. I am, however, picking another representative of the Chargers Girls for this spot to help you expand your horizons.


Introducing Kamri, who does wonderful things for the cowboy hat look.

More AFC West after the jump >>

Darren McFadden First For EA Sports

EA Sports is already prepping for the release their 2009 NCAA Football title and to celebrate, they’ve unveiled the game’s initial cover athlete; everybody’s favorite Hog, Darren McFadden. The MVP of the 2008 NFL Draft Combine will be the first of four athletes selected to be on the cover of EA’s college football offering.

The McFadden cover will be for the Xbox 360, while the remaining three platforms—the Playstation 2, 3 and the PSP—scheduled to receive the game will be getting a different player. The PS3 cover athlete will be revealed on April 24 while the PS2 and PSP covers will be announced in May.

Darren McFadden, Xbox 360

Darren McFadden Has Halfway Decent Speed

The man with the awesome Crown Victoria decided he’d show off at the NFL Combine yesterday and to do so, he ran a blazing fast 40-yard dash, however, they can’t seem to form a consensus about his official time.

Whatever it was, 4.33 or 4.27, it was fast – faster than Purple Jesus’, in fact.

See DMac run after the jump ››

Darren McFadden Likes Piano Bars

McFaddenArkansas do-everything back Darren McFadden was at a piano bar last night when a scuffle broke out. Needless to say, the most noticeable figure of the crowd—McFadden, of course—seems to have been singled out. According to the report, McFadden was placed in handcuffs because he was “‘agitated and was provoking aggressive behavior inciting the incident,’ according to the police report.”

McFadden was not arrested, which begs the question, why was he handcuffed (the only person, btw)? If you are trying to leave a bar that’s reported as being a “pretty rowdy scene,” chances are you aren’t going to act like you would in church, especially if you are an individual as athletically gifted as McFadden is. Furthermore, his mother indicated Darren was trying to protect his brother, Daryl. Apparently, someone bloodied Daryl’s nose and that help set D-Mac off.

Anyway, like The Hog Blogger points out, this is really a non-issue. Darren wasn’t taken downtown and he’s not been charged with anything. Besides, put yourself in his shoes. If someone jumped your younger brother in a bar, you’d hopefully take up for him to, regardless if you are an NFL-caliber running back or not.

No, the real story here is WTH were the McFadden brothers doing in a piano bar? Who knew Arkansas even had those. ;)

Over at FanHouse, they are discussing whether or not Parcells would consider D-Mac to be a thug after last night’s non-issue? Surely The Big Tuna is a better judge of character than that.

Driving Away From the Cotton Bowl?

Did do-everything Arkansas Razorback Darren McFadden jeopardize his Cotton Bowl eligibility by picking the wrong time to enjoy the comforts of a Cadillac Escalade? Well, if you listen to the buzz coming out of Little Rock, there’s certainly something going on worth paying attention to.

According to numerous reports (Arkansas news outlets and a number of sports blogs, starting with SPORTSbyBROOKS), the Arkansas running back and Heisman hopeful was seen driving around in Cadillac’s SUV and if it turns out to be a “gift,” there’s a good chance McFadden won’t be playing in the Cotton Bowl on January 1st, 2008; a possibility most Missouri fans are no doubt enjoying.

Of course, getting to the bottom of the story is going to be a long and winding road, something FanHouse pointed out quite well. Did Mike Conley (agent for NBA rookies, Mike Conley, Jr. and Greg Oden) buy the vehicle for McFadden while number 5 was present or is it his step-mother’s? These are the questions being asked and it doesn’t look like the situation will be any clearer by next Tuesday, meaning there’s still a chance McFadden will play.

Whatever the findings are, I’m not sure if Darren used his common sense in either accepting or borrowing such a attention-grabbing vehicle (especially when a player like McFadden steps out of it). Perhaps he should’ve listened to the tale of woe that is Reggie Bush’s senior year is becoming… either that, or kept on driving the Crown Vic until the season was officially over.


As of now, The Hog Blogger has been silent on the issue. I’m definitely curious about what they have to say about this situation. Did McFadden jump in a time machine and go back to the 80s where college athletes were given everything on a silver platter or is this just a case of mistaken vehicle use?

Tebow Wins Heisman

As expected, the 2007 Heisman Trophy award went to Florida’s Tim Tebow, becoming the first ever sophomore to win college football’s most prestigious award. In doing so, Tebow beat out Arkansas’ Darren McFadden, Missouri’s Chase Daniel, and Hawaii’s Colt Brennan.

McFadden was the runner-up, and is considered the best overall player in college football’s highest division. Tebow won the award with 1957 points and 462 first-place votes, while McFadden finished with 1703 points and 291 first-place votes.

Starting for college football’s defending BCS Champs, Tebow lead the nation with 51 overall touchdowns, 22 rushing and 29 passing. His 22 touchdowns on the ground ties a “Division 1″ record for quarterbacks.

Intentional Link Dump: News For A Slow Day

It’s kinda slow going as we wait on things like the bowl games to begin, NFL Sunday (did anyone watch last night’s Washington/Chicago game?), weekend college basketball and anything else deemed sports-blog worthy. Here’s a little link love for of some stories that caught my eye as I made my way through the Google Reader. Enjoy:

- It’s Heisman Trophy weekend and Loser with Socks gives us some reasons why Tebow shouldn’t win. They also ask just how effective McFadden would be in Urban Meyer’s system, which is something interesting to ponder as well.

Dwayne Wayne- Well, it’s Christmas time boys and girls and you know what that means: office Christmas parties. The Sports Hernia has a nifty little list of the sports conversations you can expect from your non-sports savvy co-workers.

Why yes, that Dwayne Wayne is a GREAT basketball player… just ask Denise Huxtable.

- Kansas forward Brandon Rush got arrested. Don’t forget to take care of those traffic violations, kids.

- That Dwight Howard is something else.

- SI’s 16-team college playoff is now in it’s Elite 8 stage. Who ya got?

- Barry Bonds, much to everyone’s surprise, pleaded “Not Guilty” to his federal charges. I wonder if he plead guilty to being an ass to his fans?

- An Alex Legion update. Apparently, he wants to come back to the Cats, but Gillispie hasn’t decided if he’ll allow it or not.

Athena Barber- Epic Carnival asks us who has the hottest girlfriend/wife in sports? This is an ongoing competition so make sure you stay tuned. This week’s contestants are Eliza Dushku and reigning champ, Athena Barber.

Again, who ya got?

- And finally, our news of the obvious: Stephen A. Smith has been voted as the worst sports announcer. Color me surprised. The next thing you’ll tell me is water is wet and the sky is blue.

Well kiddies, that should give you plenty of reading fodder while you are waiting for the weekend to arrive. Enjoy the Heisman presentation and whatever other athletics you are engaged in.

Arkansas Still Needs A Football Coach

Houston NuttSo Razorback fans, how’s that new coach search going? I would like to issue some congratulatory praise after striking out on your first two choices: Tommy Tuberville and Tommy Bowden. Ever since the Razorback governing bodies decided to tell Houston Nutt where to go (you don’t think the resignation was his idea, do you?), the alumni have, much like Marsellus Wallace, been scouring the earth looking for a warm-bodied replacement for the coach that brought Darren McFadden and Felix Jones to Fayetteville.

And much like Wallace’s speech to Butch warned us, it seems like those holding the strings at Arkansas fell victim to pride. What other reason did they have for wanting Nutt to leave? Back-to-back bowl eligible seasons? Recruiting a Heisman-worthy running back who’ll probably be one of the top picks in the NFL draft once he decides to leave? Or how about recruiting his back-up, Felix Jones, a player who would also be getting Heisman consideration if he didn’t play behind McFadden? Are these the removable issues that worried Razorbacks alums and fan alike?

Actually, the were a lot of reasons why the fanbase and the administration were at odds with Coach Nutt, although, I’m not quite sure I can put them in my own words… Let’s see what one of the prominent Razorback bloggers thinks:

We’ve been criticized by some for being too hard on Nutt, but why then, does it seem like everytime we try and write something positive, he makes us regret it? We believed what we wrote after that press conference, but when the dust settled and the money was all counted up, Nutt duped us and countless others.

Don’t spit in our face and tell us it’s frosting.

Woo, Pig! Sooie indeed.

Obviously, Arkansas fans were ready for a change. However, I’m not quite sure what it is they are reaching for. Are they trying to recapture the glory of 1965, something they haven’t done since? Or are they tired of seeing NFL-quality running backs in the Razorbacks’ backfield?

Good luck on your search guys, it sounds like you are going to need it.