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When the Washington Wizards try to stave off elimination tonight against the Cleveland LeBrons, they’ll have do so without one of their key reserves, Darius Songaila, who received a one-game suspension — without pay — for smacking James in the gob the last time they played. In case you forgot, the uploading skills of Odenized can help:

Now, now. Who needs a refresher course in playing well with others?

Actually, while his suspension is probably warranted, it’s a little surprising it took this long for the NBA front-office guys to put their mark on this series, one that’s been punctuated by bad blood, hard fouls, face-hiding, battle raps from Jay-Z, and various other shenanigans.

In other words, this series has been pretty entertaining. In other news, there’s NO WAY the great playoff series from the 80s would be anywhere near as enjoyable if the league was as sensitive as it is now.