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What we have here is Amar’e Stoudemire’s filthy dunk over Portland’s Dante Cunningham. Stoudemire’s dunk was so nasty, it caused Jalen Rose to use words like “best dunk of the year” among others. Normally, when such a dunk is delivered, it makes the SportsCenter rounds, followed by a day’s worth of buzz from the sports blogosphere. Rarely is it met with an even nastier response, especially when said response happens in the same game.

Unfortunately for Amar’e, Dante Cunningham apparently missed that particular memo.

Not only did Cunningham pay Stoudemire back with a vicious dunk of his own, the Trail Blazers also beat the Suns, ending their five-game winning streak. So while Amar’e's dunk cannot be denied, Cunningham got the last, and loudest laugh, because not only did he return the dunk favor, his team got the win.